Pelion Sightseeing

East Pelion

Nuzzled amidst a chestnut wood forest, Tsagarada is a beautiful traditional village of Pelion characterized by houses with large fragrant gardens and a huge, almost ancient, old tree in the heart of Agia Paraskevi's square. It is divided into 4 settlements, each with its own church and picturesque square: Taxiarches with the distinguishing marble fountain, Agia Paraskevi with its imposing arched fountain, Agia Kyriaki with its beautiful bell tower and Agios Stefanos. While in the area it is also worth visiting the position of Agnanti offering amazing views to the Gulf of Damouchari, the old castle of Karavostasia, used as an old fortress built for the protection from pirate attacks, the church of Panagia Megalomata within a cave filled with stalactites, Krifo Scholio, the secret school that operated during the Turkish domination, the monument of Pelion's three benefactors set on the central road of the village and Nanopoulios school which serves as a primary school and cultural centre.

Zagora is one of the most famous and most beautiful villages of Pelion with ruins of an ancient castle and a necropolis showing its vivid past. Also known as the Homeric town of Thaumaka, Zagora has been a major trade and cultural centre within the 17th and 18th century. Worth visiting while in the village are the church of Agia Kyriaki with its curved iconostasis, the Hellenomuseum, school of Rigas Feraios and the Zagora library hosting more than 10,000 books and 150 manuscripts. Zagora is also renowned for the great apples it produces that are considered to be some of the best in the world.

Kissos is a traditional village with a cobbled little square featuring the triune-aisled basilica of Agia Marina dating back to 1650 that is a must see attraction.

Xourichti is a cultural village in Pelion hosting the open theatre of Xourichti housing theatrical performances, concerts and festivals throughout the year. Other worth seeing sites include the picturesque square of the village as well as the churches of the Koimisis of Theotokos, Agios Apostolos and Agios Dimitrios.

West Pelion

Portaria is a gorgeous picturesque village with running waters, waterfalls and abundant greenery. Through history it has been a very prosperous settlement, famous for its silk products, the great big mansions and renowned settlers such as the French trade consul, Barthelemy. Some of the places and sites worth seeing while in the village include the spring of Mana, Karavos waterfall and the traditional fountains. Traditional paved squares such as the square of Adamenas, Melina Merkouri and Taxiarchon square are some of the places one should visit to enjoy great local delicacies at the regional taverns, and ice-cold drinks at the caf├ęs and bars in the most enchanting of atmospheres. The byzantine chapel of Panagia Portarea and the nunnery of Panagia Odigitria are of great historical importance. The ruins of hotel Theoxenia, one of the most luxurious hotels in the Balkan region before the war denotes the greatness of the village.

Hanging from the verdant cliffs of the mountain Makrinitsa is a dreamy settlement also known as the balcony of Pelion due to the amazing views to Volos and the Pagasitic gulf one can admire while visiting. It is blessed with abundant greenery, dotted with great big mansions and noble homes and stone paved climbing streets all the way to the top of the mountain. The squares of Brani as well as the central square of the village with the marble fountain are engulfed by exceptional natural beauty and offer amazing views along with some of the most delectable local specialties at the regional taverns and cafes. The monastery of Theotokos, the Museum of Folk Art and History as well as the tower of Tsotinioti in the region of Koukourava embracing the authentic traditional architecture are also some must-see attractions.

Ski Centre Agriolefkes
Nestled in a dense forest it is one of the first ski centres in Greece with ski lifts that will take you all the way to the top. It is the ideal place for skiing and snowboarding as well as for moments of relaxation in the cosy cafes.

Central Pelion

Engulfed by the verdurous landscape and the sweet smell of apples Milies takes its name from the numerous apple trees found in the area. It is a beautiful picturesque village with paved alleys, cobbled pathways, well-preserved mansions and beautiful gardens. While in the village of Milies travellers must visit the Mountzouris train station, the public library of Milies housing more than 3,500 books and manuscripts, the Folklore Museum featuring an important collection of arts and crafts, the temple of Taxiarhes with its unique paintings, the church of Agios Nikolaos "Neomartiras", the grave of Grigorios Konstantas and the central square where they can enjoy some local specialties and ice cold drinks.

Similarly exceptional as the rest of the villages of Pelion Vizitsa is a village one should definitely pay a visit to. The gorgeous architectural style and traditional manor houses, the stone cobbled central square with the covered stone fountain create a picture perfect setting for visitors to enjoy. The church of Zoodochos Pigi as well as the monastery of Agios Lavrentios, the churches of Agios Georgios, Agios Vlassios in the neighbouring areas and the neoclassical fountain in the central square of Pinakates are also worth your while.

South Pelion

Argalasti can also be called the village of running waters with so many fountains such as Agios Ioannis, Coueni, Chatzi, Mirivriti that will give you a sense of exhilaration right from the start. Within the village one can also find the triforium basilica church of Agioi Apostoli with its magnificent bell tower and the settlement of Katsilochori. In the surrounding areas worth noting are the Rodia stream, Karydi & Ammourtsia bridges and the Deep Cave.

Paou is mostly known for its beautiful beach and the church of Agios Nikolaos with its striking fountain.

Syki is a traditional village with a picturesque central square and the convent of Timios Prodromos.

Similarly to Argalasti, Chorto is also a village of running waters with many fountains such as that of Giannakou, Dialetara, Kalivioti, Nanaki, Spanodimou that are worth seeing.

The village of Lefokastro
Lefokastro is a peaceful coastal village ideal for relaxation and tranquillity.


Volos is the coastal port city of Thessaly set in the heart of the Greek mainland. Combining the mysticism of the sea with the magnificence of the mountain, Volos is an ideal holiday destination with myriads of entertainment choices for travellers to enjoy. While visiting Volos make sure to:

  • Visit the railway station and port of Volos
  • Unwind somewhere along the lively road of Argonauts with an ice cold coffee, a local tsipouro or whilst enjoying traditional mouthwatering specialties.
  • Walk around in the park of Anavros where you will encounter many sculptures, squares, benches, taverns and cafes. A great place for socializing.
  • Visit the Archaeological Museum Athanasakio
  • Take a ride to the oldest settlement of Volos, Palia, characterized as an archaeological site due to its very well preserved buildings, the Neolithic settlement of Dimini, an important Mycenaean settlement said to be the native land of Jason.
  • Visit the churches of Agios Konstantinos, Agia Triada with the spectacular murals and the cathedral of Agios Nikolaos.
  • Watch a movie or a theatrical play at Achilleion, the cinema-theatre of Volos dating back to 1925.
  • Check out the town hall of Volos, a trademark of the region's architectural style.
  • Drive to Feron road, the cultural, commercial and gastronomic centre of Volos.
  • Take a ride to Nea Ionia, a settlement built by the refugees of Asia Minor conveying their past and cultural identity.
  • Visit the Museum of Entomology considered to be one of the best in the Balkan regions with more than 35,000 of exhibits.
  • Discover the 18th century church of Agios Athanasios at Alli Meria
  • Explore the Museum of Theofilos, the famous painter, in Anakasia

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