Poros Cycladia Tips

Useful tips for a Pleasant Stay

Poros is a gorgeous picturesque island, with traditional insular houses and beautiful mansions. Visitors should not miss to walk around the streets of Poros Town. So, it would be wise to bring flat/athletic shoes with them.

In addition, visitors should be aware that the temperature in Poros is slightly lower than in other islands and usually is below 30°Ceven in the summer. So, a light jacket is always useful. However, the sun is strong and hats, sun blocks and umbrellas are required.

Finally, Poros is so close to Athens, the Peloponnese and other islands of the Saronic Gulf that it can be combined with a vacation in one of the aforementioned places. It is very easily accessible and it is a highly recommended destination for international travelers visiting Athens.

Hiking and mountain biking
Poros has many paths among pine trees and it is the ideal destination for nature lovers! Hiking and mountain biking are sports activities which are organized on the island and visitors should not miss the opportunity of admiring a marvelous view from the top of hills while exercising.

Water sports
Poros is the absolute paradise of water sports’ fans, such as water ski, jet-ski, jump, trick skiing, wakeboarding and windsurfing are available on the island’s beaches. Also, given that the sea bottom of Poros is amazing and divers may expect to discover a colorful underwater world, scuba diving is one of the hottest watersports for one to practice on the island. A diving school is situated in Askeli, and apart from diving lessons, it also organizes diving excursions.

Horseback riding
Whether interested in a romantic horseback ride or in discovering the undeniable natural beauties of the island, Poros visitors should try this unique sport. There are specific horseback riding tours around the island, which can also be combined with a picnic. For more information you can visit

Hellenic Navy Swearing Ceremony
The Training Center of the Hellenic Navy is situated in Poros. The Swearing Ceremony of the Hellenic Navy Training Center is held once every two months and it is open to the public. This is a really impressive ceremony which includes a parade and a demonstration, which will be more than pleasant for the island’s visitors.

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