Poros Events

Poros Events
There are various interesting events organized in Poros either on a permanent basis, or as ad-hoc events in a specific time period.

The International Piano Festival of Poros
The festival began in 2009 and attracts pianists from all over the world ever since. This remarkable musical event aims to help young pianists present their talent to the public. The festival is accompanied by a “Piano Academy”, which includes lessons, seminars and workshops on playing the piano. The festival usually takes place in the second half of August.

Nautical Week
The Nautical Week is among the most famous events on the island and it is held every two years in the first ten days of July.  Although the main festivities of the event end after July 10th, complementary happenings take place during July and August, especially in the weekends. The Nautical Week includes a Navy Exhibition as its main event, whereas sports activities, concerts, artistic events, and many more continue till the end of August.

Various events & religious feasts

The Hellenic Navy Swearing Ceremony which is held every two months, is really impressive and includes a parade and a demonstration.

On June 24, on the day of the celebration of Saint John, the custom of “Klidonas” revives with men, women and youngsters jumping above fires lit on the streets.

Some religious feasts are held in Poros, which include traditional dishes, drinking and dancing. Among them, the feast of Saint Paraskevi in Vagionia, on July 25, is worth attending, since the little church of Saint Paraskevi is very picturesque and dancing, singing and eating last all night long!

Another interesting feast is the one of Panagia Eleousa in Plaka, which is located next to Galatas on the Peloponnese. This feast is held every year on June 4th and little boats transfer visitors from Poros to Plaka, where outdoor vendors, food and music can be found. What is really impressive is the return of visitors to Poros in the night, with the lights of the boats sparkling in the dark.

Last but not least, the museums and galleries of Poros organize interesting events, including art exhibitions, concerts, conferences, etc., on which visitors may be informed via the Municipality of Poros.


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