Rhodes Cycladia Tips

Small tips for a pleasant stay
Weather on Rhodes Island is usually good especially during summer, so be sure to have always with you sunblock, hat and sunglasses in order to protect yourself from the sun, which is really intense during summer months, like at the majority of Greece.

Full Moon at Medieval Town
The Medieval Town of Rhodes is one of the major tourist attractions and not for nothing… As soon as you enter the castle from the main gate and walk in the large pedestrian streets, you will feel as if you had lived in medieval times. You might even think that a Knight will be crossing the main square with his horse! Do not miss to visit this marvel of architecture during full moon…it’s sheer magic!

Mountain Emponas

Rhodes’ beauties, as a Greek island, are not limited to its magnificent beaches. Its mountainous areas are equally breathtaking and majestic to its coastal scenery. Mountain Emponas is an area on Rhodes Islands that cannot be missed for any cause.

Here, you will find a lot of small, traditional villages, old byzantine churches and interesting spots that are definitely worth a visit. One of the area’s highlights, though, has nothing to do with the traditional charm and mountainous landscape; here, the best wine on the island is being produced in the vast vineyards, a spectacle that will remain unforgettable to wine lovers.

Kallithea, a hidden magical beach
Kallithea is worldwide famous for its well preserved Arabian monuments. Though not promoted at all, this magical place also features the nicest, coziest beach on the entire island. A small sandy paradise, naturally protected by tall rocks on each side, Kallithea Beach awaits to allure its visitors within its warm embrace.

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