Rhodes Events

The Medieval Rose Festival
Organized by the Non Profit Medieval Rose organization, the Medieval Rose Festival takes place every summer and hosts various art exhibitions, medieval plays and happenings, concerts, horseback riding and more events and happenings aiming taking the visitors through a journey in medieval Rhodes. For more information visit www.medievalfestival.gr.

International Films & Visual Arts Festival
This is an annual international festival including screenings, documentaries, environmental discussions, original audiovisual projects from all over the world and relevant cultural events. The films participate in a contest with awards, nominated by an international professionals committee. For more information visit www.ecofilms.gr.

The Sound & Light Show

This unique annual summer show takes place in the municipal gardens, in the outskirts of the Medieval Town of Rhodes. The Sound and Light Show is a theatre play without actors. The leading elements of this strange visual show are light, music, narration and stage architecture.

Combining the imposing architectural setting of the Medieval Castle with special lighting, projected images and sound effects, the show narrates the story of the struggle between the Knights of Saint John and the Rhodians against the Turks, led by Suleiman the Great (1522 AD). The Palace of the Grand Magister, Suleiman’s Tower, the Administrative Buildings of the Knights and the municipal garden are included in this audiovisual show, which lasts for about 50 minutes.


Ampernalli Music Festival
Ampernalli Music Festival takes place every summer in the grove of Agios Soulas and is organized by cultural association Ampernali. The Music Festival comprises of live music concerts by amateur and professional bands, while during daytime various happenings and games take place.  Visitors can bring their own camping tents and camp within the grove for two nights.

Watermelon Fair
This fair takes place in Apolakkia every year, around the end of July. Visitors can enjoy tons of watermelon and various delicacies for free. The feast is dedicated to the village’s local product, watermelon, so everything there goes around it: local sweets and snacks made with watermelon, watermelon games and various happenings with music and dance.

The Farmers & Stock Breeders Fair
Taking place every summer in Monolithos village, the Farmers and Stock Breeders Fair features stands with products from local producers. Local agricultural products and delicacies, accompanied by live music from popular folk musicians, will
Give the real essence of Greek fairs.


Various Religious Feasts
•    During the first 15 days of August, pilgrimage in the church of Virgin Mary Kremasti
•    September 8th: The Festival in the Virgin Mary Tsambika
•    July 30: Monastery of Agios Soulas in Soroni – One of the biggest festivals of the island
•    September 7th & 8th: Virgin Mary Skiadeni in Mesanagros – Procession of the Virgin Mary’s icon all over the villages of the municipality
•    March 25th: The Festival of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary
•    October 20th: The Festival of Agios Gerasimos in Pylona
•    Easter Monday: The Festival of Agios Georgios in Lardos
•    May 21st: The Festival of the Monastery of Tharri Laermon  
•    June 28th: In Saint Paul’s church in the Monastery of Saint Apostles in Lindos
•    July 6th: Agia Kyriaki in Kalathos
•    August 6th: The Festival of Sotiros in Maritsa
•    August 15th: The Dormition of Virgin Mary in Emponas and in Mesanagros



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