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Shopping in Rhodes

The New Rhodes Town is indeed a big contemporary city with a vast market with many boutique stores, super markets, shopping centers, souvenir shops, furniture, decorations, jewelry stores, folk art shops etc. The main street where most of the stores are located is Ethnarhou Makariou.

Faliraki also has a very big market and a very impressive shopping mall, with ample parking space and exceptional boutiques.

Do not forget to buy some handmade ceramics and woven. The ceramic art has a longstanding tradition in Rhodes. There are numerous pottery workshops all over the island, where local manufacturers make beautiful decorative items, with unique designs, inspired by Rhodes’ ancient history and the inhabitants’ everyday life.

Additionally, the handmade woven items are also a famous traditional product of Rhodes since local women have a distinctive talent in weaving. Especially in Afantou and in the village of Archagellos you will find a wide range of unique designs and patterns. Another traditional product of Rhodes Island is the umbrella. Colorful with many patterns and sizes, umbrellas is something you will find in most of the island’s tourist and commercial shops.

Generally, the island’s market has it all. Buy traditional products and keep your memories from the island of the Knights alive!

Jewelry & Accessories
Rodos Gold Vogiatzis
In this authentic jewelry shop, situated at 2 km from Faliraki, visitors can admire a treasure of gold jewelry.
10th. km Rhodes - Lindos Highway (2 km before Faliraki), Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 86040
Fax: +30 22410 86121

Mandikos Jewelry Store
Located in the Medieval Town of Rhodes, here you can find a great variety of jewelry pieces.
22 Sokratous Str., Medieval Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 39334

Worry beads and jewelry since 1977.
20 Socratous Str., Medieval Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 30458

Mastoras Silver
Unique creations from silver.
16th km Rhodes – Lindos highway, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 85229

Rhodes Gallery
Jewelry, ceramics, silk carpets, batik pareos, tablecloths, souvenirs.
47-49 Evreon Martiron Sq., Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410-36819
Fax: +30 22410-35492

Clothes, Shoes & Various Accessories

In the New Town of Rhodes, find in Valsamis store a variety of clothes and shoes
12 Gallias Str., New Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 32631

Cairo Palace Mall
A former A’ class hotel built in 1955, Cairo Palace Mall turned into a shopping mall in 1990 containing 30 shops. Here you can find many clothes and shoes stores, as well as banks.
28 Ethn. Makariou Str., New Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 27600, +30 22410 24328

Rodos Home
This is a department store with home appliances
7th km Rhodes - Lindos highway, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 72410

Department store with a variety of clothes, shoes, accessories and sports items.
6 Amerikis Str., New Town, Rhodes

Hondos Center
Department Store with cosmetics, home appliances, linen, clothes and other fast moving products.
30-32 Diakou Alexandrou Str., Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 77850

A popular store with women, men and children clothes, shoes and accessories.
40 Gr. Lambraki Str., New Town, Rhodes

Boutique Lacoste / Diakosavvas
Men and women clothes
39 Amerikis Str., New Town, Rhodes

Men, women, children clothes, home appliances and linen
Gr. Lambraki & Amerikis Str., New Town, Rhodes

Umbrella Shops
Rhodes Island is pretty famous for its umbrella production. So, we could not but propose some stores where you can find this traditional Rhodian product.

Neofytou K & M
Umbrella Store
18 Gallias Str., New Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 22369

Umbrella Store
24 Gallias Str., New Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 24833

Umbrella Store
97 Th. Sofouli Str., New Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 24097

Various Shops with Traditional Products
Marinos Cava
An old liquor store, founded in 1935, with a wide range of wines and spirits of local or international origin.
New and Medieval Rhodes Town, Rhodes .

Ktima Mastrovasaki
Traditional local products.
107 Sofouli Street, New Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 21666

Bonis Ceramics
100% handmade products since 1951.
23rd km Rhodes - Lindos highway, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 51910

Lindos Art Gallery
Quality hand-painted artwork in the main square of Lindos.
Lindos, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 32150

Blown Glass Art Creations

Unique creations from blown glass. A colorful environment in order to create the atmospheric ambience in your own place!
16 Agiou Fanouriou Str., Medieval Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 25425

Rodos Products Gimoukis Konstantinos

Local products from olive oil, honey and grapes.
Sianna, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 6972295331

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