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Medieval Town

The Medieval Town of Rhodes is a living monument, built by the Knights of St. John about 6 centuries ago. The imposing castle with the Gran Magister’s Palace, boasting some amazing mosaics, the museum, where the hospital of the Knights used to be, the mosques, the wide pedestrian streets, the fountains and the innumerable shops and taverns within the massive walls should definitely be visited.

During August, the main streets of the Medieval Town are bursting with people. The municipality paid special attention to the lighting of the castle, which during the night looks like a fairytale scenery!

New Rhodes Town

The New Town of Rhodes shapes a triangle on the northern part of the island and offers everything a contemporary big city can offer. In the market you shall find expensive boutiques, numerous clothes, shoes, home appliances and umbrella stores, restaurants, bars and clubs. The port of Mandraki, just across the great Castle’s main gate, used to be the naval hub of the district during ancestry.

The mosques, the Muslim cemetery, the Italian neoclassical buildings, the fortress of Agios Nikolaos and the medieval towers will always remind us that Rhodes was indeed in the crossroad of many civilizations, each one leaving on the island its own mark. Don’t forget to visit the lovely garden Rodini, Monte Smith, where the Temple of Apollo is, the Aquarium and the new Casino.


Faliraki is worldwide known as a nightlife hotspot, since it features a busy and vibrant centre full of cafes, bars and clubs. In Faliraki, visitors will find many open air malls with jewelry stores, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, bars and famous clubs, where popular DJs from all over the world play during special theme nights.

The 5 kilometers cosmopolitan beach of Faliraki, with the countless colorful umbrellas and the beach bars, is probably the most photographed one of the island, together with Elli beach right in front of the Aquarium. This is the reason why Faliraki attracts a great number of people each year and is among the most popular and busy areas on the island.


Kallithea is about 11 kilometers from the city of Rhodes and it’s famous for its well preserved Hot Springs and the palm tree forest that surrounds the lovely Italian buildings. Kallithea is full of well preserved Arabian and Venetian monuments, recently restored by the municipality.

The small cove in front of the hot springs looks so exotic and inviting for a cool dip in the emerald Mediterranean waters. A journey through time in supreme natural beauty, imposing buildings of Italian architecture and a lovely sandy beach, Kallithea is a place not to be missed.


The picturesque village of Lindos is located about 55 kilometers from the city of Rhodes and it’s one of the most popular destinations within the island. The maze of the narrow little streets, the white houses nestled underneath the Ancient Acropolis, the Medieval walls, the scintillating view of the sparkling Mediterranean waters and of course the remnants of the Temple of Lindian Athena constitute a major attraction.

Slowly ascend the Acropolis, as early in the morning as possible in order to avoid the hot sun and then slowly descent towards the village and enjoy your walk among the narrow alleys with little shops and have lunch in one of the numerous traditional taverns with the amazing panoramic sea view.

On the northernmost part of the island and built on a long sandy beach, the Aquarium of Rhodes boasts rare marine species and an exceptional Italian architectural design. Its structure begun on 1934 and was completed one year later. About 200.000 visitors every year have the chance to see up close mollusks, sea turtles, sharks, crabs, corals, oysters and rare fossils. The decoration, the soft lighting and the stone walls create a beautiful ambiance.

Petaloudes (Valley of Butterflies)
The valley of the butterflies is located about 20 kilometers from the city of Rhodes and it’s a rare example of the island’s natural beauty. The valley is a unique natural park where thousands of colorful butterflies appear between June and September. The park has pines, plains, streams, little ponds, bridges and narrow trails forming a small paradise. A café, a restaurant and a small museum can also be found within the park. 

This is definitely the best beach on the island with an extremely impressive length, golden sand, emerald waters and surrounded by an amazing pine forest, whose trees almost reaching the sea. It is about 26 kilometers away from the New Town of Rhodes, on the eastern part of the island. The beach is organized, with sun beds, umbrellas, showers and many beach bars that remain open throughout the day. Visitors will find many taverns nearby, which are open for lunch and early dinner.

Ancient Kameiros

Ancient Kameiros is a place of great archeological history and features many archeological findings: temples, the ancient agora and the acropolis. Ancient Kameiros is located at approximately 30km west of Rhodes Town and is dated back to the 3rd century BC.

Kameiros was once united with two equally important cities of the island, Ialysos and Lindos, on the 5th century BC in order to form the big city-state of Rhodes. This city was named the Pompeii of Greece, because no one really knows why it was totally abandoned, living behind only remnants of the Ancient Agora, a Doric temple and few still-standing arches.    


The hill of Filerimos can be reached from the village of Trianta and after crossing a lovely pine forest. The area got its name during the 13th century from a monk that came from Jerusalem and brought a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary with him. On the top of the evergreen hill he built a small chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary. Later on, the Knights of Saint John constructed a big monastery.

The Acropolis of Ancient Ialyssos is on the hill of Filerimos, as well. Visit the church of Virgin Mary and admire the amazing natural beauty and serenity of this place.


Prasonisi actually composes the southernmost part of Rhodes. It’s actually a small peninsula during summer and an islet during winter. During summer, the sea unveils two beaches, creating truly exotic scenery. Due to the strong winds that blow there, Prasonisi is also considered to be the surfers’ Paradise.

On the east cove the waters are calm and ideal for beginners, while on the west part the waves can be as high as 2 meters, creating the perfect scene for professional surfers. There is a training center here as well, where athletes can rent equipment.

Symi & Halki Islands
When visiting Rhodes Island, you should not miss Symi & Halki, the two nearby islands. Symi and Halki are two picturesque islets, just a breath away from Rhodes. There are daily boat tours, departing from the main port, inviting visitors to visit these small nearby treasures.

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