Samos Cycladia Tips

Useful tips for a Pleasant Stay
Samos is an island with dazzling beaches, two high mountains, diversified landscapes and a strong local tradition and culture. Visitors should not miss the opportunity of discovering these beauties by walking around the island. There are many walking guides of Samos available in various languages, but along with them, water, sport shoes and hats/sun blocks are indispensable.
Moreover, since Samos is affected by the strong northern winds of the Aegean Sea (“meltemia”), usually the real feel of the temperature is lower than 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, light jackets are required.
Finally, Samos is connected by boat with many other Aegean Islands (Chios, Ikaria, Fournoi, and islands of the Dodecanese). Combining a vacation in Samos with visits to those islands is certainly a great idea!

Choose a calm beach when it is too windy
The northern part of Samos is mainly affected by the strong estate winds, whereas the southern and eastern coasts have calm waters. When the wind is too strong, it is wiser to choose one of the island’s calm beaches.

Rent a 4x4 vehicle for a day
Samos is a big beautiful island that has numerous beaches many of them only accessed through difficult earth roads. Moreover, the roads leading to some mountainous villages are rough. So renting a 4x4 vehicle is not a luxury, but a prerequisite in order to fully discover and utterly enjoy the island beauties.

Scuba diving
The sea bottom is fantastic in this part of the Aegean Sea. The Samos Dive Centre in Pythagorio awaits visitors who want to live this unique experience.

Take a boat tour
Several isolated beaches, most of them located in the virgin western part of the island, are only accessible via boat. Moreover daily boat tours to the Turkish coasts are organized on a daily basis. Do not miss this opportunity and do not forget to carry your passport with you!

Visit the waterfalls
At about 3 km. from Karlovasi, in the area of Potami, the amazing waterfalls of Samos are found. Bathing suits and athletic shoes are required, along with water, hats and snacks. The first waterfall is easily accessible; however, the second one (5 m. high) requires a little climbing and possibly swimming in cold river water. The second waterfall is remarkably spectacular and it is definitely worth the trouble.

Discover the wetlands
It is almost unbelievable but Samos features 4 wetlands which host a vast variety of birds, reptiles and mammals species. The wetland of Aliki in eastern Samos consists of a lake and a marsh, and hosts more than 125 species of birds during the summer months. The wetland of Glyfades is situated near Pythagorio and consists of two lakes (Mikri Glyfada and Megali Glyfada) that have water all year long and are interconnected. Moreover, the marsh of Mesokampos nearby (at 4.5 km from Pythagorio) is a quite big wetland that hosts migratory and endemic birds. The marsh of Hora is about the same size with the marsh of Mesokampos and also hosts endemic and migratory birds. It is a protected area boasting an amazing natural beauty.

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