Serifos Cycladia Tips

The island with the 72 beaches
Serifos is a magical, little island. Some say that due to its rare rocks and minerals, weird electromagnetic waves affect those who are prone to them. The island does not have anything distinctively impressive, yet it can dazzle you and sweep you away. Even though it’s rather small, it boasts 72 (yes, seventy two) stunning beaches, several points of interest and many oddly enough secret places which are waiting to be explored!

The island’s beaches can either be accessed by boat, by motorcycle, by foot and of course by car. The beach of Psili Ammos has been voted Best Beach in Europe for 2004 and 2009. This small beach has white sand and shallow turquoise blue waters. Avoid going during weekends, because it’s quite crowded.

Lease a sailing boat with friends and tour around the island. There are numerous amazing, exotic coves, underwater caves, tiny islets and crystal clear waters waiting for you to investigate them!

You definitely need a car to fully discover the island. Even better a scooter, since many beaches can only be accessed by unpaved roads. However, since the road network –even though ameliorated- is quite tricky, if you do happen to drive a motorcycle, you need to be extra careful.

Kitchen secrets
Two restaurants and one traditional ouzo place have the best food and the best service in Serifos. The one is on the way to Hora, behind the Agricultural Cooperative, and it’s called Aloni. Reservations are no longer accepted, so you should either try going early (after 7pm) or after around 11pm. The restaurant enjoys an amazing panoramic view of the entire port, Livadi and Livadakia, which especially after the sunset is quite stunning. However, during full moon the view is equally magical. The food is awesome. No fish is served, however the meat is excellent and so is the service. If you are lucky you can sit in the front veranda and benefit from the unobstructed view.

The other restaurant, which is a must in Serifos for its local cuisine, is called Kyklopas (Cyclop) and it’s located in Megalo Livadi. The tavern is next to the beach, by the waves and under the tamarisks, and it serves the best coq-au-vin in the island. Try the lamb, the pork with the lemon sauce and the beef with pasta. Simply divine. The service is excellent and quite speedy. Every afternoon (after 1pm) hordes of hungry holiday-makers are coming here to enjoy the food and of course the view to the serene cove and the old mine’s iron bridge hanging above the sparkling waters.

Last but not least, we got Stratos. Stratos (a real person) has the best and most renowned ouzo place in Hora (and consequently in Serifos). It’s located in the capital’s main square, where the Town Hall is. You will recognize it immediately from the colorful crowds that take over the entire square…which is considered one of the most beautiful ones in Cyclades. Try the Greek coffee, the local delicacies, ouzo and raki. You won’t regret it!

For tasty dishes and fresh fish you should also try Stamatis’ restaurant in Avlomonas. It’s a simple place, by the water, which is also very cheap!

After hours fun
Even though Serifos has quite few bars in Livadi, one is by far the best. It’s called Aerino and it’s located in Hora. It has the softest music (latin, lounge, jazz, fusion), the best view from the top floor and the most delicious cocktails. Aerino is open until the small hours and attracts many of the island’s celebrity visitors.

The most famous place in the island, however, is the Yacht Club. Celebrities and famous visitors definitely go to this place. It seems like it’s open at 24 of July! It serves delicious breakfasts (omelets, sandwiches and fresh juices) and amazing coffee. However, after 11pm it transforms into the island’s hottest club. During the peak season in August, it’s always full and people are blocking the narrow street in front of the bar, which is located right on the water.

Small tips
Easter is actually the best time to visit the island, because everything is green and the mass in the Monastery of Taxiarhes is quite spiritual.

Try visiting in the beginning of July when the island is less crowded. Just bear in mind that the waters are quite cold!

Most of the hotels/guesthouses have a kitchenette in the room. Prepare your breakfast or lunch and enjoy it from the comfort of your own room while saving money.

Make sure you can withdraw money from your credit or debit card. There is only one bank (Alpha Bank) in the island and two ATMs (Alpha Bank and Eurobank).

Enjoy a drink in one of the bars in Livadi that have lounge chairs by the waves. It’s quite magical, sipping a margarita and lying under the starlit sky.

Try the raki and the local gourmet dishes in Karavomylos in Hora. The real fun starts after 1am…. the Greek way!

Check out the beaches of Ganema and Vagia; long, naturally protected from the strong Aegean winds, with emerald waters and seashells in the bottom.

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