Sifnos Shops & Galleries


Local Ceramic products
Sifnos is well known for its ceramic tradition. There used to be hundreds of potters on the island, however few remain until today. If you rent a car and drive around, you will see many shops, not just in Apollonia and Artemonas, but also in isolated locations. Check them out. You will find amazing kitchenware, as well as decorative items in various forms, sizes and colors.
Jewelry shops
There are many jewelry shops in the island, mainly located in Apollonia, on the main street. See up close some unique creations in gold and silver!
Souvenir & clothes shops
Finally, there are many shops offering clothes, souvenirs, folk art and decorative objects, scattered all over the island.

Ceramics Atsonios
Tel.: 22840 71119 Vathy

Ceramics Antonis Kalogirou
Tel.: 22840 31651 Kamares

Ceramics Simos Apostolidis  
Tel.: 22840 71258 Pl. Gyalos

Super market Xidis
Tel.: 22840 31217 Apollonia

Katerina Gift shop
Tel.: 22840 31135 Apollonia

Kikladon Horos

A newly established “multispace” in the heart of Apollonia, consisting of a café bar, a fishfood restaurant, a cocktail bar, an art gallery and shops.
The Rampagas café bar is open daily from early in the morning till late in the evening, inviting guests to enjoy a delightful breakfast or a soothing drink in the chill out ambience with international music. Feggaropsaro Fish Restaurant offers a variety of delicious dishes and fresh fish accompanied by an eclectic range of Greek and foreign wines. Chemistry Cocktail Bar is the vibrating spot in the sounds of the d.j. set’s beats.

For art lovers, Giomisti Kefali Gallery is currently nestled in an old traditional mansion house surrounded by 4.500 m2 of trees and lush vegetation. The Gallery is an actual sanctuary honoring the Greek artist Nikos Gaitis, with its popular wood sculpture dominating in the building’s yard. The concept behind Giomistio Kefali is that art should be expanded all over the world, being not only a privilege of professional artists, but also amateurs or apprentices.
Finally, in Kikladon Horos guests can wander around the shopping area and the charming Biba store, offering a vast variety of garments, shoes and accessories for women, distinguished by their high quality. Or just make a virtual journey through worldwide civilizations in Ena Mikro Taksidi store and the unique, traditional accessories and decorative items you will find in here!

Τ:+30 22840 32211 (Rampagas)
Τ:+30 22840 32215 (Feggaropsaro)
Τ:+30 22840 33226 (Giomisti Kefali)
Τ:+30 22840 32280 (Biba)
Τ:+30 22840 33780 (Ena Mikro Taksidi)
F:+30 22840 32226

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