Sikinos Sightseeing

The Temple of Episkopi
The Temple of Episkopi, located in the homonymous settlement, is the most strange and interesting, at the same time, monument on Sikinos. It was first considered to be an ancient temple of God Apollo but it has been discovered to bear the signs of Roman mausoleum architecture. The structure was built in the 3rd century A.D. and was modified to a Christian church with a dome and a tower bell in the 17th century A.D.

The monastery of Zoodohos Pigi (Chryssopigi)
The monastery is located on the northern part of Sikinos, built and perched on the rock, 300 metres above sea level. It was constructed around 1690 operating as a nunnery and was "heavy" as a fortress destined to protect the locals from pirates' raids. In 1834 the monastery was deconstructed due to royal order. In 1978 its renovation started and it is now almost finished. A cell of the structure has been formed to a small folk museum with old tools, utensils and the old wooden door of the nunnery.

The Black Cave
This is one of the biggest caves among the Cyclades, located on the northern part of Sikinos below the monastery of Zoodohos Pigi. It lies on sea level and is accessible only by the sea.

Church of Panagia Pantanassa
The church has a characteristic blue dome and is located on the square of Kastro settlement. It was built in 1787 and inside you can observe the gold plated temple, some Cretan School style paintings and votive offerings to the picture of Panagia Pantanassa.

Byzantine Museum of Sikinos
The Museum is housed in a preserved building of the medieval settlement at the southwest corner of Kastro which is called Paraporti. Paintings of the post Byzantine era as well as icons from the byzantine churches of the island are exhibited in the museum.

Chora of Sikinos
The settlements of Kastro, Vouni and Chorio together are forming a wider settlement called Chora. The entire settlement is surrounded by cliffs to the west and southwest and by walls to the east and southeast.
Kastro settlement was formed around the 15th century and was built on the edge of a cliff 280 metres above sea level. Typically this is the centre of the island where the town hall, the health centre, the post office and the majority of shops, cafes and bars are located

Chorio is a picturesque settlement of the 17th century, with alleys, old houses, narrow passages and stone steps. A unique and genuine taste of tradition that will lure you into a trip back to the past. Smells, images and an atmosphere of bygone eras, definitely a must-visit when vacationing on the island.

Alopronia is the small harbour of the island and a nice place to spend the day as it offers the beach of Livadi, a very charming beach, along with various small tavervas, cafes and bars. Of course Alopronia also offers various accommodation choices for those who would like to spend the night too.
From Alopronia you can take the bus to Chora and Episkopi or the small boat if you want to discover all the untouched beaches of Sikinos.

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