Skiathos Events

This is the most important religious time of the year. On Holy Friday there are 3 epitaph processions. The first two leave at 3am from the church of the Three Hierarchs and of Virgin Mary, which are located in the center of the island, and meet in the main square of Skiathos Town. The procession continues until the early morning hours and all the houses have lit candles which burn incense. The 3rd epitaph starts from the monastery of Virgin Mary at 9pm and it is paraded around the monastery, which is about 6 km from the capital town. Holy Saturday is dedicated to all the last preparations before the Resurrection (12am) and Easter Sunday. 


Agios Georgios
He is the patron saint of the shepherds and he is depicted as a young man on a horse, fighting a dragon. Every year on Easter Monday, there is a horse race near the lake, to honor him.


Zoodochos Pigi (Source of Life)
This beautiful church is located 7 km northwest of Skiathos Town and it was built right after they discovered the holy icon near a spring. Every year, on the first Friday after Easter, the local residents celebrate the icon’s revelation with traditional singing and dancing.


Agia Paraskevi
The Saint is celebrated on July 26th, with local traditional dances in the homonymous church. The crews are wearing impressing costumes and the ambience is really festive. 


Dormition of Virgin Mary
The Dormition of Virgin Mary –as everywhere else in Greece- is celebrated on August 15th. The Monastery of Virgin Mary is where the celebration takes place, with the participation of hundreds of locals and visitors.


September 7th – Katsonia
The famous submarine Lambros Katsonis was sunk somewhere off Kastro, on September of 1943. Ever since the locals remember this day by throwing flowers in the sea, re-enacting the battleship and chanting religious hymns.


November 21st – Kounistra
Each year on November 21st the monastery of Kounistra (10 km from Skiathos Town) celebrates the Revelation of Virgin Mary. On the day prior to the celebration, the icon is transferred from the church of the Three Hierarchs to the monastery. During the parade, the locals are firing gun salutes to honor the icon. The liturgy lasts all night and early in the morning the icon is returned to the church, where it’s kept.


Every year, during the summer months, the Festival of the Aegean dominates in the cultural life of the island. The festivities include theatrical shows, reenactments of ancient tragedies, concerts, exhibitions, seminars, folklore dances etc. and they all take place in the summer theater located in Bourtzi.


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