Skyros Cycladia Tips

Useful tips for a Pleasant Stay

Skyros is an island with an amazing nature, a large part of which is wild and untouched by the human hand. Visitors should not miss the opportunity of hiking and walking around the island’s beauties, let alone admire the local Skyros’ horses on Kochylas Mountain. Therefore, bringing flat/athletic shoes is indispensable.

Moreover, since the temperature in Skyros is lower than in other islands and usually is below 30 degrees Celsius even in the summer, a light jacket is always useful. Nevertheless, the sun is strong and hats, sun blocks and umbrellas are required.

Finally, Skyros is very close to Evia (only 1.5 hours by boat) and combining a short vacation on Evia Island with Skyros would be a splendid idea.

Rent a 4x4 vehicle for a day
Many Skyros’ beaches are accessible via dirt roads. Although these dirt roads are not very rough (with a couple of exceptions), it would be wise to rent a 4x4 vehicle for a day and explore the wild southern part of the island. The gorgeous Renes beach should only be approached by such a vehicle.

Visit a workshop of woodcarving, pottery, basketry or carpets.
One thing is for sure: Skyrians are “good with their hands”. Woodcarving, pottery, basketry and carpets workshops are situated in Chora and in Gialos, and they organize workshops for visitors. An amazing experience!

Walking paths
There are several walking paths around the island. They are noted on trekking maps and following them is fun and reveals the Skyros’ natural treasures to visitors.

Take a boat tour
Skyros has 15 caves; among them, the most impressive are Pentekali, Diatrypiti, Mantrouha and Zyoparati. Taking a boat tour and exploring these incredible caves is a must!

Live the experience of a holistic vacation

Skyros is among the few islands around the world that offers an alternative holiday experience, where the mind and soul are “healed” and rejuvenated. Specialists in yoga, role playing, life coaching, creativity and arts are mostly gathered in Atsitsa Bay and organize workshops and programmes for visitors.


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