Small Cyclades Sightseeing


Fokospilia, Cave of the wall
Every day from the port of Stavros there is a small boat going around the island. The route includes a visit to “fokospilia”, located at the cape Moschonas to the eastern part of the island, and a visit to the “cave of the wall” located at the White Cape to the North West part of the island.

Fokospilia is a marvellous cave with clear emerald waters which was used to be a refuge for the seals, therefore its name means “the cave of the seals”. The boat also stops to the “Cave of the Wall”, a fantastic place where you can enjoy the clear blue waters and admire the natural decor composed of stalactites and stalagmites.

The Spring
At Mersini village, located at the north east side of the island, a spring of potable water is found. A verdant ambience has developed around it due to the abundant waters flowing, a small oasis in contrast to the arid character of Donousa. The big old plane tree stands out offering its shade to the visitors that stop by to rest. The place also offers a great view towards the sea and on days with a clear atmosphere you might even  manage to see the contour of Amorgos.

Upper Koufonisi
Sea caves
The sea caves are located at the Northern Cape of the Upper Koufonisi and can only be accessed by boat. Their crystal clear blue waters are just alluring and ideal for snorkelling.

Nearby Islets
The islets Aspronisi, Ofeidousa and Argilos are located at the northern part of the island and can be visited by boat. You should not miss the opportunity to explore them and swim in their charming, cooling waters which are ideal for snorkelling or spear fishing.


The peak of Papas
On the peak of this hill called “Papas” the chapel of Profitis Elias is found from which the visitor is rewarded with a magnificent view of the island and the surrounding ones.

The castle of Livadi
The castle is a structure of the Hellenistic Era offering a great view to the surroundings. It is set over Livadi beach to the north-eastern part of the island. It is also a place of archaeological importance where remnants of an ancient temple of God Zeus and another one dedicated to Goddess Luck have been found.

Agios Ioannis Cave
On the southern part of Iraklia the biggest cave of the Cyclades is found, Agios Ioannis Cave, which has remained completely unexploitied and, thus, maintains its natural beauty. It is richly decorated with stalactites and stalagmites which are naturally painted. A must see for cave lovers.

Cyclops’s Cave
Next to the Cave of Agios Ioannis Cyclops’s cave is found consisting in two large halls. According to Mythology the famous Cyclops “Poliphemos”, the son of Poseidon, lived in it.

Mericha bay
On the southeastern side of the island the bay of Mericha is found. It is a steep almost vertical rocky shore extending 100 metres high. It is naturally protected from the northern winds and a refuge for the local sea birds. You will definitely be astonished by this wildly beautiful scenery.

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