Syros Cycladia Tips

Useful tips for a Pleasant Stay

Syros is a beautiful island with unique architecture and many narrow streets with picturesque neighborhoods and traditional, island houses. Visitors should expect that they will walk a lot and therefore they should bring flat/athletic shoes with them.

In addition, visitors should be aware that the nights at the Aegean Islands are chilly due to the winds and high humidity. So, a light jacket is always useful.

Finally, visitors traveling from abroad may find visiting Syros during fall (apart from more economic) more pleasant, since the heat is less intense than in the summer, but the sea temperature is still quite high.

Rebetiko music
Syros has a long tradition in a unique kind of Greek music called rebetiko, which has a philosophy similar to the philosophy of blues. The greatest Greek musician of this kind, the most renowned “rebetis” was Markos Vamvakaris who was a Syriot. Today, his son continues his tradition. There are several small taverns with live music on the island, called “koutoukia”, where visitors may enjoy this truly unique sound. Do not miss it!

Boat tickets should be pre-booked, especially in July and August. Since there is a large demand during the summer months, travelers should book in advance their boat tickets. Also, by pre-booking, tickets can be bought at a lower price.

Prefer calm beaches when it is windy
The Aegean Sea is often very windy, especially in August due to the estate winds (“meltemia”). Therefore, visitors should prefer beaches that offer a natural shelter and have calm waters, like Delhpini, Vari, Foinikas, or Kokkina.

Scuba diving
Syros is increasingly attracting divers due to the large number of caves, shipwrecks, reefs, different fish species and even seals that can be found around its sea. There are two scuba diving schools in Syros, where equipment can also be rented, the Salt Water Diving and Syros’ Diving centre, both in Ermoupoli.

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