Thassos Cycladia Tips

Stroll around Skala Potamia
The scenery of Skala Potamia, the seaside part of the beautiful Potamia village is an ideal place for a day or evening stroll around its picturesque harbour and charming central square. Especially the imposing Tarsanas building at the small harbour of the settlement, which was built in the 19th century A.D. from monks of the Holy Mountain, is a site that should not be missed.

Theologos village and its offerings
Theologos village, on the central-southern part of Thassos, is not only one of the most historical and traditional villages on the island, but also the best place to taste quality local food and especially the lamb spit-roasted.

Another attraction of the village is the representation of the traditional Thassian wedding that takes place every summer at the end of June.

Hidden treasures…
A charming waterfall is hidden within the beautiful scenery at the heart of the island, near Kastro village. The waterfall is about 2m high, creating a small lake within the verdant nature of the area making the scenery just magical!

Some kilometers northern and going westwards, right outside Maries village, you will meet a small lake, principally created to serve the needs of the area’s farmers. A tranquil ambience for a small escape from the busy spots of the island.

Finally, south from Limenas, Thassos capital, and near the famous Golden Beach, you will find Panagia village, a tranquil place where natural springs flow water from the mountains. Take a stroll around the village and have a café at the traditional “kafeneio” right next to the springs, where men from all around the island came in order to make a wish for their child to be a boy.

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