Tinos Cycladia Tips

Useful tips for a Pleasant Stay
Tinos is the island that hosts the most important Orthodox Church in Greece attracting Christians from many countries. This is why visitors who do not like big crowds should avoid visiting the island around August 15 and during the Easter holidays.

Although the winds blowing at Tinos are very strong and reduce the feeling of heat, the sun is very intense during the summer and visitors should always make provisions for hats and sunblock.

Finally, visitors should be aware that the nights at the Cycladic islands are chilly due to the winds and high humidity. So, a light jacket is always useful.

Tinos Tips
Prefer calm beaches when it is very windy: Tinos is very windy, especially in July and August due to the summer winds (“meltemia”). Therefore, it would be wise to prefer beaches that offer a natural shelter and have calm waters, like Agios Markos, Agios Sostis, Agios Ioannis Porto and Isternia.

Rent a 4x4 car for a day: The road network at Tinos is quite good; however the roads that lead to some excluded beaches and villages at the northern and northeastern part of the island are not covered with asphalt. Therefore, renting a 4x4 car for a day or participating to an organized excursion using 4x4 cars would be a great idea in order to explore the wild beauty of the island. Such excursions are organized by local travel agencies.

Be prepared for 1-2 extra days: Since the strong winds make it sometimes impossible for ships to approach or depart from the island, visitors should be prepared that this is a possibility even in summertime. So, they should be prepared that it might not be possible to leave on the exact day they had planned.  

Buy a craft/work of art: Tinos has a long tradition in almost every aspect of artistic expression. Paintings, sculptures, ceramic jars, textiles, handmade carpets, and hand-woven baskets are among the artistic items that are produced and can be bought on the island.

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