Tinos Events

Annual Adjective Arts Meeting - “Bazaart Exclusive”
The Annual Adjective Arts Meeting “Bazaart Exclusive” is held every summer, in July and August, at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos. Inaugurated in 2009, this wonderful art exhibition is open to the public every day, even on Sundays. Works of art of various artists are presented covering all the spectrum of adjective arts.


Tinos Festival
Tinos Festival (previously called Exomvourgo Festival) is also held annually during the months of July, August and September and includes many events in many different villages and Hora. Events include art exhibitions, concerts of contemporary and classical music, theater plays and many more events..

Jazz Festival
Tinos Jazz Festival is also annual and it is on its fourth year of organization. This festival attracts important artists from various countries all over the world.

International Literary Festival
The International Literary Festival began in 2010 and has already attracted talented and highly regarded authors from many different countries, like China, Iraq, USA, Finland, Croatia, Serbia, Ireland, Israel, Cyprus and of course Greece. This interesting multicultural literature event is combined with local cultural musical and dance events.

Local Festivals
At Tinos are also organized various local products festivals, like the Artichoke Festival at Komi every may, the Honey festival at Kampos every September, the Capers Festival at Steni every July, and the Raki Festival at Falatados every September. 

Revival of Trawl

Another interesting event is the Revival of Trawl organized at the end of August at Kionia, when visitors gather at the beach and fish for certain amount of time. Then, wine and sea food are offered and folk groups dance and play traditional music.

Finally, various religious feasts are combined with free food, wine and raki, music and dancing. Among them, the one that really stands out -apart from the large feast on the 15th of August at the Virgin Mary Church in Hora- is called Fanarakia and takes place on the evening of January 30th, which is the day that the Orthodox Image of Virgin Mary was found. Children, students, and people of all ages walk around the Church to the sounds of music played by the Municipal Band, holding colorful lanterns. This is a truly spectacular event.


A list of various religious feasts is presented below:
  • Annunciation of Holy Mary at Hora on 25st March
  • Zoodohou Pigis (2 feasts) on Friday after Easter at Xombourgo and Dyo Horia
  • St. Konstantinos & Eleni on 21st May at Agia Triada
  • Assumption Feast at Arnados 39 dyas after Easter
  • St. Antonios celebration on 13th June at Samardakito & Xombourgo
  • Holy Spirit celebration at Agia Triada, Kardiani, Falatados and Hatzirados 50 days after Easter
  • St. Peter & St. Paul feasts at Triandaros on 29th June
  • Saint Apostles at Triandaros on 30th June
  • St. Anargiroi on 1st July at Arnados, Marlas and Porto
  • Prophet Elijah: 2 feasts on 20th July at vaketa and Hora
  • St. Anna on 25th July at Tzados
  • St. Paraskevi at Isternia on 26th July
  • Saviour’s Transformation Feast on 6th August at Priastro and Karya
  • Assumption of Virgin Mary on 15 August at Hora and Vrysi
  • Kyra Xeni Celebration on 23rd August at Pyrgos
  • St. Ioannis the Decapitator at Komi on 29th August
  • St. Sostis on 6th September at Agios Sostis
  • Birthday of Virgin Mary on 8th September at Vourniotissa
  • Holy Cross: two feasts on one 14th September at Ktikados and 15th September at Hora


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