Tinos Shops & Galleries

Shops & Galleries in Tinos
The majority of shops are located in Hora, but shops are also located in the touristic villages of the island.

At Ariane you may find handmade jewels of gold and silver, silver objects and original paintings.
11 Megaloharis Street, Hora. Tel.: +30 2283023631.

Astrali is a unique shop, because its silver handmade jewels contain real flowers and mosaics. In addition, it also sells mosaics as standalone pieces.  
Panormos, Tel.: +30 2283031807.

Clothes, Shoes & Accessories
Karybu is a lifestyle boutique. It is actually a one-stop shop concerning fashion, which sells jewels, accessories, bags, perfumes and clothes of top designers worldwide.
8 Nikolaou Gyzi Street, Tinos. Τel.: +30 2283023301.

Fashion Club
Men’s, women’s and kids’ clothes and accessories are sold at this shop.
6 Nikoforou Lytra Square, Hora. Tel.: +30 2283023044.

Art Objects
Petros Marmarinos
The laboratory and gallery of the sculptor Petros Marmarinos who works on stones and marbles, but also on other materials, and creates furniture, mirrors, dishes, and purely decorative sculptures.
Pyrgos. Tel.: +30 2283031524.

Michael Saltamanikas
Here visitors will find objects created by Michael Saltamanikas, a sculptor who works on marble.
Pyrgos. Tel.: +30 2283031554.

Makis Trigonis
Through a combination of traditional and modern techniques, Makis Trigonis creates and sells sculptures for decorative purposes or for various uses, like plates, furniture, parts of fire places, parts of doors, mirrors, taps and more, mainly made of marble.
Panormos. Tel.: +30 2283031901.

Traditional Products
Tis Elenis
This is the right place to buy local specialties and products, like sun-dried tomatoes, various deserts, marmelades and other Tinian delicacies.
Perastras-Komis Street, Komi.

Gift Shops
Archontiki Gonia
Souvenirs, gifts and local products are available at this shop in Hora.
1 Feidiou Street, Hora. Tel.: 2283022757.

All sorts of gifts, like handmade toys, jewels, and handmade clothes, may be found at this shop in Hora.
39 Evangelistrias Street, Hora. Tel.: +30 2283021290.

Sourani Evangelia

Gifts and various souvenirs may be bought at this shop.
8 Evangelistrias Street, Hora. Tel.: +30 2283022010.

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