Zante Cycladia Tips

Useful tips for a Pleasant Stay
Tap water is not safe to drink so you should buy bottled water instead. The super markets are the cheapest places to buy bottled water. The price is fixed on 50 cents maximum for the 500ml bottle in kiosks and bars.

Also, as you are in Greece, the sun is very strong in summer and especially in August. Try to avoid the direct exposure for extended periods of time, especially from 11.00 to 16.00. You should often use a high factor sun cream or oil.

Marathonisi is an unoccupied small island located in the bay of Laganas. It boasts lush vegetation with caves to explore and sandy beaches to enjoy. The sea turtles also prefer it to lay their eggs. It can be accessed by boat from Laganas or Keri. An unspoiled, virgin island where no infrastructure or any kind of shops are found, so mind to have all necessary supplies with you.

Pretza Cheese
Pretza cheese is the well kept secret and the hidden delight of Zakynthos Island. A soft, creamy and spicy cheese made of feta cheese, yoghurt, thyme, lemon juice and olive oil. Do not try to find it in any shop…the locals will not have their secret gem revealed so easily. Just ask for it in the taverns of the island and, especially, the ones in small traditional villages.

Tour the island
Zakynthos is full of pleasant surprises and you should narrow your excursions to the popular hotspots and the touristic areas. Try to tour around the island on foot, by boat or car. It will remain carved in your memory forever!

The best sunset on the island
If you are the romantic type or if you just love magnificent views, try the balcony of Stavros traditional tavern in Schiza, Kampi, on the northwestern part of the island. The view is just breathtaking as the sun dives unobstructed into the dark blue Ionian Sea!

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