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Wine festival
In Zakynthos town, every year a wine festival is organized in the last days of August till the beginning of September with wine tasting and folk dances.

During the carnival period (February) dances, parades and masquerades take place on the largest villages of the island. Theatrical comical plays and sketches are organized on the squares and in the streets by men in costumes.

On the last Sunday of the Carnival, a very popular parade, which tours the island, takes place ending with the "Funeral of the Mask", a parody of a funeral where the place of the dead is taken by the Carnival King.

Religious feasts

Almost every feast is usually accompanied by a celebration with wine, local specialties, folk music and dances.

Find below some of the most remarkable religious celebrations in Zakynthos:

  • Every year two festivals dedicated to Agios Dionysios take place. On the 24th of August is held a celebration in memory of the transfer of his sacred relic from the monastery of Strofades to Zakynthos (1717). A litany, fireworks, dances and music frame this celebration. On the 17th of December his assumption (1622) is honoured. 
  • On the 3rd of May in Maherado village the local saints of the island Agia Mavra and Agios Timotheos are honored. The big festival takes place in the first Sunday of June.
  • On the 24th of June the celebration of Agios Ioannis Klidonas takes place, a celebration widely spread in other places of Greece too. The cemebrations involve fires and people jumping above them, aiming at good luck.
  • In the villages of Agios Leon, Volimes and Beloutsi in the 26th of July, takes place the festival of Agia Paraskevi that lasts two days accompanied with the typical local music, dances and flavours.
  • On the 15th of August Panagia Faneromeni is celebrated and on the forthcoming Saturday is held a festival at the monastery of Anafonitria where Agios Dionysios lived for 38 years.


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