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Grikos Beach
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TYPE: Secluded & tranquil
Location: Patmos, Skala
TYPE: Organised beach
Location: Patmos, Petra
TYPE: Non-organised beach
Location: Patmos, Agriolivadi
TYPE: Secluded & tranquil
Location: Patmos, Psili Ammos
TYPE: Non-organised beach
Location: Patmos, Sapsila
TYPE: Non-organised beach
Location: Patmos, Agriolivadi
TYPE: Sandy beach
Location: Patmos, Grikos
TYPE: Pebble beach
Location: Patmos, Lambi

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Swim in Patmos

Patmos Beach Guide

Patmos Island, a gorgeous island in the Dodecanese, Greece, is famous for its crystal clear blue waters and its unique beaches’ morphology. Cycladia’s Patmos Beach Guide, an actual map of Patmos beaches, presents all practical information necessary to swimmers.

The guide includes, among others, the famous Petra beach with its huge rock, cosmopolitan beaches like Kambos beach and easily accessible coasts like Skala Beach.

Cycladia is the place to start exploring the best beaches in Patmos, which definitely are among the most diverse beaches in the Dodecanese. 

Best beaches in Patmos

Cycladia proudly presents the new beach guide for Patmos Island, Greece, an island of natural beauty and rich tradition and culture in the Dodecanese.

Based on a matrix including location, type of beach and description, the guide is features a carefully designed map of Patmos beaches to facilitate the visitor in finding the best beaches and their exact position.

The best beaches in Patmos presented in the guide are selected based on multiple criteria like popularity, water quality, view and services offered, and include coasts as different as the breathtaking Petra Beach, the fully organized Kambos Beach and the usually crowded Skala Beach.

Swimming in Patmos Island can be fun or relaxing; the choice is completely up to the visitor!