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TYPE: Family friendly
Location: Paxi, Lakka
TYPE: Sandy beach
Location: Paxi, Mongonisi
TYPE: Pebble beach
Location: Paxi, Levrechio
TYPE: Non-organised beach
Location: Paxi, Marmari
TYPE: Pebble beach
Location: Paxi, Kaki Langada
TYPE: Organised beach
Location: Paxi, Monodendri
TYPE: Family friendly
Location: Paxi, Antipaxos Island
TYPE: Non-organised beach
Location: Paxi, Antipaxos Island

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Swim in Paxi

Paxi (Paxoi) islands are actually a cluster of islands, the biggest of which are Paxos and Antipaxos, and constitute the smallest islands of the Ionian group in Greece. Those small islands and islets are interconnected by boats which operate routes daily from Gaios in Paxos offering a great variety of beaches, all offering remarkable natural beauty and wild sceneries. The visitor will encounter a number of organized beaches like Monodendri, tranquil and secluded like Marmari and Paradise (Antipaxos) as well as naturalist beaches like Pounda, all of them so beautiful that it is difficult to choose! Moreover, Paxi (Paxoi) islands are the ideal destinations for beach explorations with a sailing boat or a yacht, as their coastline is laced with around 30 small coves and bays, some of the most alluring in the entire Greece.

The best beaches on Paxi (Paxoi), Greece, are allocated on a beaches' map and are carefully presented in Cycladias' Paxi beach guide. Apart from the magical unique Paxos and Antipaxos beaches we absolutely suggest the wild and astonishing sceneries of the western coast of Paxos that will reward every visitor with the overwhelming turquoise, emerald and white colours, always present in the Ionian Islands, Greece.

Best Beaches on Paxi (Paxoi), Greece                                                        On the islands of Paxi (Paxoi) you will find all types of beaches, either popular and organized beaches like Monodendri on Paxos or tranquil and almost naturalist beaches like Marmari, Mongonisi, Pounda and the beaches on Antipaxos (Vrika, Voutoumi and Paradise beaches). Even for those who seek absolute comfort there are some charming beaches just a step away from their lodge in Gaios like Plakes and Spiantza.

The best beaches on Paxi (Paxoi), Greece, all found in Cycladia's Paxi beach guide and tagged on a beaches' map, will impress and reward the visitor with their marvellous waters and magical coasts. Welcome to the emerald treasures of Paxi (Paxoi).