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TYPE: Organised beach
Location: Zante, Laganas
TYPE: Organised beach
Location: Zante, Elation
TYPE: Non-organised beach
Location: Zante, Artemisia
TYPE: Sandy beach
Location: Zante, Elation
TYPE: Pebble beach
Location: Zante, Elation
TYPE: Secluded & tranquil
Location: Zante, Vassilikos
TYPE: Organised beach
Location: Zante, Elation
TYPE: Sandy beach
Location: Zante, Vassilikos

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Swim in Zante

Zante Beach Guide

Whether you are a party animal or just a lover of nature and tranquility, Zante Island is one of the best places to be in Ionian Islands, Greece.

Featuring a great number of beaches, either organized like Agios Sostis beach, Laganas and Agios Nikolaos beach or secluded paradises like the Shipwreck (Navagio) beach or Gerakas beach, on Zante Island you will find all of them, including private beaches and beaches of great ecological importance.

Cycladia’s Swim section for Zante Island offers you the best beaches in Zante organized by type and allocated on a beaches’ map, so that your explorations will be as easy as possible. Find here details for the famous Laganas beach, the picturesque Agios Sostis beach or the popular Agios Nikolaos beach and be enchanted by the combination of azure and white colours adorning Zante’s beaches peaking with the Shipwreck beach (Navagio).

Best Beaches in Zante, Greece

Cycladia’s Zante beach guide features some of the best beaches on Zante Island along with a detailed beaches’ map for your best convenience. All Ionian Islands are characterized by a unique combination of lush vegetation, white-coloured coasts and azure, crystal waters. As such Zante Island is a beach heaven with a diversified list of private beaches, organized or tranquil coasts, some of them boasting a great natural importance as they are a home to the Caretta Caretta sea turtles which are now under extinction, like Laganas beach and Gerakas beach.

We definitely suggest the breathtaking Shipwreck or Navagio beach and the popular Agios Nikolaos beach as they are considered to be among the best beaches in Ionian Islands, Greece.