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When history inspires holidays in Greece

Cycladia goes way beyond its naming source connection with The Cyclades Islands, encompassing all the Greek Islands and Greece’s mainland in order to provide the travelers with quality information, addresses and venues to discover the best side and the authenticity of every single location in Greece.

Despite the evidence of the source behind its naming, Cycladia is not only a guide about the Cycladic Islands but a powerful and selective online place for travelers to appreciate the best and most authentic side of all destinations in Greece.

Cycladia’s identity is inspired by the historical importance of the Cyclades Islands in Greece, Cycladia represents the true, traditional, authentic, pure, reliable, accurate, emblematic and most amazing side of Greece – Hellas.

The Cycladic Islands played indeed a significant role in the Greek Civilization due to the strategic geography of their circular cluster of Islands around Delos, the holy island of Apollo. Located amongst Mainland, North Africa and Minor Asia, the Cycladic Islands were the starting point of commerce, navigation and civilization; Cycladia is the starting point of a magical and authentic journey in Greece, to meet with the cradle of Civilization.

Christmas in Greece is an experience in itself as it is a holiday celebrate...
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