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The name “Achilleiodromia” (Liadromia)
According to the myth, Pileas, the father of Achilles, spent the last years of his life at Alonissos, after being invited by king Molino and his grave was on the island. Since Achilles was more famous than his father, the island was called “Achilleiodromia” that means “the road of Achilles”. Later on, this long and difficult to pronounce name was shortened to Liadromia. 

The cave of Cyclops
Cyclops was a dangerous, monocular giant that lived in a cave and was blinded by Ulysses. His cave is considered to be located on the island of Gioura next to Alonissos, which belongs to the municipality of Alonissos. This is the largest cave on the island and it is still unexplored to a large extent. 

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