Local Specialties & Recipes
The prefecture of Corinthia combines elements of both Central and Southern Greece cuisine, along with insular and mainland recipes. The result is a very interesting mixture of tastes and ingredients.

Trachanopita” (frumenty pie)
Made of frumenty, flour, onions, olive oil, milk, feta cheese, butter and eggs, “trachanopita” is a very nutritional dish that everyone loves. It is also a great snack for in-between meals!

Pumpkin pie with local raisins
This is Corinthia’s version of pumpkin pie, a very common dish throughout Greece. Apart from pumpkin, dough sheet, butter, sugar and cinnamon, this pie also has raisins and raisins juice which give it a unique sour-sweet taste!

This is an authentic mountainous recipe based on veal, tomatoes, onions, garlic and potatoes, all cut in pieces. After putting salt and pepper on the meat, every piece of meat is wrapped in a different package of parchment paper along with pieces of tomatoes, onions, garlics, potatoes, and some butter. All packages are placed in a hull and the hull is placed in the oven for a couple of hours. The aromas of the vegetable and meat stay within the package and create a fantastic taste.

Tagliatelle with flounder
This could be the traditional recipe of an Aegean Island. It stands out because flounder is marinated in must, salt and pepper, then it is sautéed in olive oil, and it is finally doused with Nemea’s wine. 

Boiled goat
This is a traditional recipe of the mainland; goat meat is boiled (adding some butter, thyme and cloves in the water) and it is served with pasta, preferably handmade. 

Apricots with ouzo and mastic ice-cream
Apricots are sautéed in butter, doused in ouzo and then boiled in grapes juice, honey, and lemon zest. This is a delicious desert!

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