Evia Cycladia Tips

Useful tips for a Pleasant Stay

Evia is the second biggest island of Greece. It is an amazing place with mountains (the highest top of Evia is 1743 m. high), quite a few rivers (four main but also some smaller ones), four gorges and a plethora of villages and dazzling beaches. Visitors will discover these amazing beauties only by walking; therefore they should have comfortable / athletic shoes with them.

Furthermore, the nights in Greek islands are chilly and humidity is usually high, so a light jacket is always useful. And of course, there is plenty of sunshine during the day, which makes sun blocks and hats indispensable.

Finally, Evia is the place to relax and spend at least a week, since there are so many things to do: Byzantine monasteries and ruins of ancient temples give the island a spiritual character; the magnificent view from several routes of the mountains invites drivers to stop for a few minutes and enjoy the landscape; the crystal clear waters are just ideal for a refreshing swim; and the delicious local recipes are a pleasant gastronomic surprise! All visitors have to do here is take their time…

In Evia, there are several amazing hiking paths; one of them leads to the waterfalls of Drymonas (in northern Evia); others start at or pass by one of the five gorges of the island (Dimosaris, Saint Dimitrios, Archamboli, Boulovinena or Agali or Agia Anna, and Havos); and there are paths on the mountains, under the shade of trees, which offer breathtaking views.  Do not miss them!

Bird watching
Evia hosts many bird species, some of which are quite rare, in its wetlands, lakes and lagoons. Specifically, bird watching activities are organized at the wetland of Lilandas river (central Evia), the wetland of Kolovrechtis (central Evia), lake Drystos (south Evia) and the lagoons of Kanatadika, Megalo and Mikro Livari (north Evia). This is an exceptional opportunity for nature lovers!

Havos, the gorge close to Agia Anna in northern Evia, is just right for those who want to have the unique experience of canyoning (going down a canyon with a rope), while surrounded by the splendid natural beauty of the area! It takes 3-4 hours to go down this gorge and visitors need to have equipment and instructors with them. Information is available at local agencies.

Southern Evia, and specifically the area around the Karystos bay, is just ideal for windsurfing and sailing, because it has both beaches that are windy and beaches with calm waters. Marmari is the most popular destination among surfers. In the North, surfing is possible at Limni and in Pefki. In Pefki and Kanatadika Istieas, kite surfing is also available.

Scuba diving
The sea bottom outside Karystos bay is fantastic, hosting caves, rocky formations, gorges and underwater cliffs, which provide shelter to corals, shellfish, colourful fish and amazing sea plants! Apart from Karystos, there are diving centres in Chalkida for those wishing to dive in the gorgeous sea bottom of central Evia, and in Agios Georgios in Lihada for those who want to explore the exotic sea bottom of Lihadonisia.

Thermal spa
The renowned thermal waters of Edipsos await visitors, who wish to be relieved from pain, stress and diseases, or who just want to spoil themselves. A unique revitalizing experience…

Horseback riding
Horseback riding activities are available in Agia Anna, Taxiarchis Oreon, Psaropouli (Papades) and Kamatriades. In all cases, there are instructors and escorts for children and adults. The routes are either coastal or follow paths among pine trees and planes!

A visit to Skyros
While in Evia, a visit to Skyros Island nearby is definitely worth it. The island is very picturesque, hosts the unique Skyrian horses (ponies) and has great food and charming traditional villages! There is a ferry boat to Skyros from Kimi and the trip lasts about 1.5 hours.

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