Folegandros Events

July Feasts
Every July the island awakes from its winter slumber with the summer’s festival taking place throughout the island, perambulating the streets of Kastro, the picturesque port of Karavostassi and Ano Meria with theatrical performances, exhibitions, music concerts and workshops. The entire island comes alive with a wide selection of festivities for everyone to enjoy.

Other Summer Feasts

Each summer Folegandros Cultural Society organizes various exhibitions with photography, arts and ceramics themes. The Folklore Museum at Ano Meria is a major site of concerts and poetry reading events especially during full moon nights.

The Maritime Society also organizes at Karavostasi and Agali settlements swimming and sailing contests during August


Easter Celebrations
Easter in Folegandros is a unique experience no one should miss. The island is illuminated by candles and fireworks as people come to join the sweet singing of hymns. All homes are open waiting for the procession of the icon of Panagia with wine, raki and homemade sweets to treat all those accompanying the procession. 

Christmas in Greece is an experience in itself as it is a holiday celebrate...
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