Halkidiki Local Specialties
Halkidi’s cuisine has mostly been influenced by typical flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine, Asia Minor and Mount Athos. Some of the local specialties one must try while visiting are listed below

Goat seasoned with lemon
A local delicacy made with goat meat which is boiled with onion. When the meat is ready, its juices are drained out of the casserole and a part of them are boiled again with salt, pepper, anise, lemon and garlic. As soon as the juices boil again, flour is added and all this mixture is poured over the meat. The goat can be accompanied with rice boiled in the rest of the juices so as to maintain the flavour and its nutritional elements.

Cock with frumenty
This dish is made with country cock boiled in the casserole for about half an hour and then the frumenty is added. When the cock is boiled and ready, milk, salt and pepper is added and the mixture is cooked for some minutes more. A very special flavour not found in any other place in Greece.

Louvidia with skordalia
Louvidia is a local variation of green beans found in the area and skordalia is a very special garlic dressing, typical of Greece. Louvidia are collected and are left to dry the entire winter. When they are to be used, they are boiled to regain their humidity and softness. A sauce made with garlic, onions, red chili pepper and thick salt is poured over the boiled louvidia and the dish is complete with the escort of skordalia, a very special dressing made with garlic, olive oil and mashed potato or grated bread.

A calories’ full pie made with dough which is kneaded with the full fat of pork meat. The dough is then put in a baking pan and filled with the meat. For the ones who are not afraid of spoiling their silhouette!

Lentils with octopus and rice
A very original variation of the classic lentils! The lentils and the octopus are boiled separately. As soon as they are both ready they are put in a baking pan (lentils first and the octopus in small slices above them), cooked rice is added together with fresh onion, tomato sauce, peppers, salt and pepper and baked in the oven. So authentic!

Vegetables mpriam
A dish typical for summer consisting only in vegetables and tomato sauce. Peppers, aubergines, onions, courgettes, potatoes, parsley, spearmint and, the indispensable olive oil, salt and pepper all put together in a baking pan and bakedn in the oven. A mouthwatering dish ideal for vegetarians!  

Green olives’ spoon sweets
This is a distinctive spoon sweet made with green olives from Halkidiki. If you are a lover of sweets and, especially, spoon sweets, you should definitely try this one!

Shepherd’s “Rizogalo”
A special rice pudding made with rice, sugar and milk. The rice is boiled until almost ready and them milk and sugar is added. The pudding is poured with cinnamon in powder.

Stuffed squids
Big squids stuffed with rice, onion, parsley, spearmint cooked in a casserole with pure olive oil, salt and pepper. Such a seafood delight!

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