Local Products

As in all other Cycladic islands in Greece all local products of Kea are of exceptional flavor and of great nutritional value. Some of the traditional products of Kea (Tzia) are described in the local specialties section, as their preparation is in fact a ritual!

Apart from those delicious food delights like loza or the “dark-skinned” amigdalota, find below a list with some of Kea’s best local products:

  • Tsigara: pieces of meat boiled with all their fat in salt water and some orange skins that are then preserved in jars with spices, orange in pieces and cloves. Covered by a pretty thick layer of meat fat, they can be preserved for over a year.
  • Traditional sweet preserves (spoon sweets)
  • Thyme honey
  • Pasteli (nougat with honey)
  • Local marzipan
  • Local Sausages
  • Xyno (local cheese)
  • The local Mavroudi wine


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