Kimolos Delicacies
Like all Greek regions and islands, Kimolos Island also offers a number of local specialties to its visitors. From traditional Kimolian recipes to local products, the island of Kimolos has nothing to envy from the larger islands of Cyclades.

Kimolian Pies
Ladenia is a traditional pie with handmade dough in the form of a pizza topped with fresh tomatoes, onions and olive oil. Tyrenia also is a traditional bread pie stuffed with local cheese.
You should also not miss Elenia, a type of homemade bread filled with Coronian Olives, and Atherinopita, a fish pie made with small fishes and onions.

Cheese Made In Kimolos
Xino, a sour fresh skim-milk cheese produced in Kimolos is a must when you visit the island. Try it in a Greek tomato salad and you will take some of it home with you. Manoura is a dry local cheese wrapped in grape must, for the ones with most exquisite tastes.

Local Specialties & Snacks
In Kimolos you should really try the delicious tomato paste, a local snack prepared with flavorsome tomato paste and maybe combine it with the local rusks with lentiscus aroma.
Other local delicacies are the courgette croquets prepared by locally produced courgettes and the tomato meatballs which are prepared in rich tomato sauce or prepared with sundried tomatoes.

Easter Specialties
During the Easter celebration guests can enjoy a variety of authentic local recipes and flavors. Marathopita is a traditional cheese pie sprinkled with fennel and Kolokythenia is a different version of zucchini pie. For the sweets lovers, honey-pie is a delicious choice of sweet pie made with exquisite quality local honey.

Wedding Specialties
Guests attending Kimolian weddings will enjoy traditional locally produced delicacies, such as homemade ornamented bread rolls and the nutritious and delicious “Pasteli”(sesame & honey bar)

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