Kos Cycladia Tips

Cycladia tips for Kos
Where ancient Greek beauty meets the Oriental exotic flair and Italian elegance; where the endless beaches compete with the evergreen plains…then Kos is the place.

Kos Town and other settlements
Kos Town has a rather enigmatic and definitely multicultural atmosphere. The ancient market in full harmony with the modern buildings and the mosques, the narrow paved streets of Nafkliros, the tall palm trees dancing to the rhythms of the sea breeze and the sweet scents that emerge from the traditional little coffee places are just too charming to ignore and do not bear any comparison.

However, the beauties of Kos are not limited to its capital. At a short distance you will find Tigkaki and Marmari, whichhaven’t lost their charm and couleur locale despite being very touristic.

In the southern part of the island you will find the city of Kardamaina with the endless beaches, Antimachia with its famous castle and the rich history, and Kefalos with its quiet beach and relaxed paces.  

Platani village
If you happen to go to Platani village, you should definitely have a stop at the main square, where you will taste the famous oriental sweets of Maslum and Reyhan, such as kunefe, kazan dibi, sekerpare, aromatic mastiha ice cream and kadayif. You can also taste authentic oriental cuisine.

Zia sunset

Zia is a mountainous village built within the slopes of Mount Dikaios. Charming, with lush vegetation, Zia is like an oasis during the hot summer months.

Wander around the narrow little streets with the white washed front yards and smell the scent of cypress and cedar. The panoramic view to the shores of Asia Minor, Kalymnos and Pserimos is breathtaking and it’s only 7 kilometers away from the capital. This is the best spot to see the sunset.

After Zia you can go towards the village Asomatos. In the main square you will find a hidden trail, through the oaks. After a short walk you will find the Well of Virgin Mary. They say that its waters are miraculous.

Ride the blue and the red train
Take a ride around the city and Asklipieio with the blue and the red trains. If you take the afternoon tour, your tour will be accompanied with soft music while on board!

Bicycle rides
You will see a lot of people riding bicycles in Kos, both locals and tourists. Actually the island boasts a huge bicycle dedicated lane of about 15 kilometers thanks to its flat landscape. You can rent a bike and tour around the narrow streets, the old port with the cruise ships and the Palm Trees Avenue, which is one of the most beautiful roads in Greece.

The Medieval Castle in Palaio Pyli
The medieval castle in Palaio Pyli brings in mind one of the famous Mystras Castle in Peloponnese, with its deserted castle state. The difference here is that in Palaio Pyli the castle state is nestled within evergreen slopes. If you follow the steep hill, you will find a hidden café which is built inside a rock. This is where you will have the most delicious and aromatic Greek coffee.

The Monastery of the Savior
If you are a nature lover and you do not hesitate to walk uphill for about 2 hours, then you should definitely go to the peak of mount Dikaios of 850 meters altitude. There you will see the monastery of the Metamorphosis of the Savior (Transformation of the Savior) and you will just enjoy a spectacular view. On August 6th, on the day of its celebration, , you will see the locals patiently ascend to honour it and spend the night in the church’s front yard.  

Mediterranean sail
If you are lucky enough to sail in the calm waters of the Mediterranean around the Dodecanese, then you will definitely appreciate the marina of Kos. It can host yachts and boats up to 50 meters long and is located in the southwestern part of the island’s historic port. It’s fully functional and provides high quality services. Today it boasts 250 berths, with permanent mooring systems, water and power supply, phone connection with a wired and a wireless network, as well as a satellite TV connection at every dock.  

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