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Kos Travel Guide

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Travel Guide for Kos

Kos Travel Guide

Kos is undeniably one of the most popular Dodecanese Islands. With lovely villages, medieval settlements and ancient monuments, not to mention countless hotels, restaurants and bars, this island bedazzles visitors with its cultural, historical and religious diversity. Cycladia has created a comprehensive Kos Travel Guide, with travel information, as well as tips and guidance about the best places to visit.

Kos, located in the southeastern Aegean in Greece, is the 3rd biggest island of the Dodecanese. Detailed travel information, including boat and airplane itineraries, as well as the best places to stay and swim were meticulously collected for Cycladia’s Kos Travel Guide in order to help you make an overall decision about your summer holidays in Kos.   

Best places in Kos Island

Kos, Greece, breathes an authentic Mediterranean charm. Holidays in Kos can never be boring, due to the island’s spectacular coastline and incredible history. Cycladia’s insightful tips will guide you through the best places to stay, swim and have fun.  

With a history of more than 4.000 years, this stunning island in Greece has a lot more to offer than sandy beaches and scenic villages. Your summer holidays in Kos will be filled with Mediterranean scents, Medieval magic and the warm hospitality of the locals.  

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