Kos Local Specialties

If you are visiting the island of Kos do not forget to buy local thyme honey, Posa cheese, which is stored in red wine for extra taste and color, Kanellada, a local beverage, baklava, tomato sweet usually stuffed with almond, as well as ceramics and handmade jewelry.  

During your stay on the island you should definitely taste the following local delicacies which are served in almost any restaurant:

Traditional sweet pies with myzithra cheese, fried in a pan with sugar and cinnamon on top.
Krasotiri Krasotiri is another local delicacy and its name in Greek means “wine cheese”, since it consists in cheese baked with red wine. Krasotiri has a characteristic pepper flavor and it is a Protected Designation of Origin cheese.

Large round cheese pie stuffed with sweet myzithra which local people knead with a lot of eggs.

Lasagna boiled in meat broth, minced meat and molten pork fat. This dish is usually served at weddings.

Wheat bread which locals knead with grated myzithra cheese and various aromatic herbs.

It is a local, traditional and very delicious dish resembling to the famous Greek Pastitsio and it is made of pasta, pieces of meat and  béchamel sauce.


It is a very famous Greek “mezes”, known as “Ntolmas”, made with vine leaves or cabbage leaves stuffed and rolled with rice. In Kos they use also minced meat and, according to tradition, it represents the swaddling of baby Christ in Nativity. Kanellada syrup

A refreshing and blasting taste of cinnamon, clove and various other aromatic herbs served cold.

A traditional sweet with honey.

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