Lasithi Local Specialties
In Lasithi you will find most of the typical plates of Crete, like ntakos salad, xerotigano and kalitsounia, prepared more or less in the same way. Find below a list including the delicacies of eastern Crete.

Cretan salad
A typical delicious Cretan dish with ntakos (a big rusk), tomato, onion and various herbs, poured with virgin Cretan olive oil. Ideal for starting your dinner while waiting for the rest of the delicacies. In Lasithi they do not add capers or myzithra cheese as in rest of Crete.  

Squids in wine
Chopped squids cooked with onions, pepper, olive oil and finishing by pouring a glass of white wine. Sweet and spicy flavor.

Pork in wine
Pork meat cut in small pieces and cooked with garlic, tomatoes, peppers and, of course, a glass of white wine. Overwhelming, spicy taste!

Stuffed vine leaves/zucchini flowers
Rice and herbs wrapped in vine leaves or zucchini flowers, cooked in the casserole. A unique dish!

Askordoulakoi (bulbs)
Peeled bulbs, rinsed with water, and then boiled twice or three times so as to get rid of the intense bitter taste. It is served with olive oil, vinegar, slices of garlic and dill.

Htenia fish
The Libyan Sea provides Crete with a superb variety of fresh fish. Htenia fish is pretty difficult to find and when found, usually the fishermen keep them for themselves! It is considered to be the most delicious fish.

Kakavia Fish Soup
A hot soup made of various kinds of fish cooked together. You should order it in advance in order to be ready on time for dinner.

Homemade dough filled with a mixture of sweet and sour myzithra cheese, then fried in the pan with olive oil. Served alone with honey or powder sugar.

Artichokes sfougato
Boiled artichokes, cut in slices and finally fried until they get a reddish colour. When ready they are poured with a mixture of scrambled eggs with cheese and pepper.

Zymota makaronia
Hand made pasta is common in Crete but mostly in the villages and not taverns and restaurants in the bigger towns. So, if you get the chance of trying them, do not even think about it! They are really delicious and you can tell they are traditional, homemade pasta. Prepared usually in the oven with red or white sauce and served with cheese on top.

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