Local Specialities
While on the island do not forget to taste the local dishes, like savori, sofigado, maridopita, rice pie, boiled clams and, of course, fresh fish.

Savori or Savoro fish
The recipe can be made with picarels, ells, mullets or bonito fish fried in a pan and then poured with a sauce made of oli, vinegar, garlic, laurel, rosemary and black raisin. The dish can be served as soon as it is cold, since this is a very effective way to preserve it for more time.

Rice pie
A pie made with rice, feta cheese and sugar ending up with a sour sweet taste for all times of the day, typical of Lefkada. Rice pie is a very rear pie but its taste is very unique and incomparable to anything other dish.

Egg pie
The egg pie resembles a lot to the cheese pie. A more delicate and soft taste as the proportion of eggs and cheese is very different than in cheese pie.

A traditional plate dating back to the Venetic period. Sofigado is made with beef meat without bones that is baked with some oil, onions and various other ingredients like rosemary, petimezi (sweet syrup), vinegar, tomato paste and garlic. As soon as the meat is almost ready, potatoes or quinces are added and are baked with the mixture until the sauce is brownish and thick. A savoury dish with sweet and sour taste.   

A unique pie made with picarel fish (marida in Greek). The heads of the fish are cut off and the bodies are placed on a baking pan right on dough. On top tomato slices, onion slices, cheese, parsley and salt and pepper are added. The pie is baked in the oven and ends up with a spicy taste. Maridopita is exclusively a recipe made in Lefkada and it is suggested mostly in September when the picarel fish is pretty small and thin.

Cuttlefish with black risotto
A plate made with cuttlefish boiled with its ink, where rice and various spices are added. The dish has a dark colour and a distinctive taste for those who like trying exquisite flavors.

Oil pie
A local, traditional sweet made with dough filled with a mixture of oil, sugar, semolina and flour, cooked altogether. The pie is powdered with sesame, cinnamon and sugar on top and almonds are placed in each piece.

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