Local Products
Limnos is famous all over Greece for its dairy products, its honey and its wine. But that’s not all! Visitors will discover many more local products that are worth taking home with them.

Flomaria (Noodles)
Made of local wheat flour, eggs and milk, these noodles are delicious and of high nutritional value.

This hard white cheese with a Protected Designation of Origin, owes its name to the process of its production: made of sheep’s milk, “kalathaki” is left to curdle in a small basket, called “kalathaki” in Greek. This cheese has a unique aroma.

Melipasto or melichloro
Made of sheep’s milk, this cheese is only produced between May and September because it requires extensive dehydration. It is ideal to be grated (on pasta) and can be preserved in room temperature for months. Seriously consider of taking this cheese home!

“Moschato Alexandrias” is a fine white wine with Controlled Appellation (designation) of Origin. It is easily recognizable in the circles of wine tasters and it has won several prizes in international competitions. What could be better to accompany fresh seafood?

The thyme honey of Limnos is among the most expensive honeys of Greece. Although it can be found in most mainland places, it always feels better to buy a product at the place where it is produced. One jar may not be enough… 

“Halvas” (halvah)
Made of sesame, the Limnos’ “halvas” has an amazing taste and it is a great sweet snack. The whole family will definitely love it!

Limnos has a long tradition in the production of frumenty, which used to be produced in stone mills. Today, production is basically based on modern procedures, but local frumenty is delicious.

Fava (split peas)
Fava is among the legumes that Greeks eat not only as a main meal, but also as an appetizer. The fava of Limnos is called “afkos”, has a very high nutritional value and is very tasteful.

Although not as famous as the ouzo of Lesvos or the one of Chios, the ouzo of Limnos is still produced in the traditional way and has a great aroma. Cheers!

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