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General Info
Like most Cycladic islands, Milos features a typical mild Mediterranean climate with hot summer months and mild winters with some rainfalls. The north winds (meltemia) occur mostly from the middle of July to the middle of August. The best time to visit the island of Milos is between the months of April when the temperatures are around 17-23 Cº and September when the temperatures are around 23-30 Cº.

The national prefix for Greece is +30 if you are calling from abroad. All numbers in the capital of Athens start with the prefix 210 and are followed by 8 digits (e.g. 210-3227400).
The Area Code for Milos is: +30 22870 xxxxx. If you wish to call abroad, you have to start by dialing the other country’s national prefix (i.e. 0049 for Germany, 0044 for England etc.) and continue with the area code and the number where you wish to call.

Euro €
Euro Coins:
1 and 2 euro coins (gold and silver color)
10, 20 and 50 cents (gold color) 1, 2 and 5 cents (copper color)
1 euro = 100 cents/centimes
Euro Bank Notes: Are available in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. It is not always easy to receive change for 200 and 500 Euro Notes

Getting There
Milos is very well connected with all major cities and islands of Greece either by boat or airplane all year round.

By Ferry
The island of Milos is connected to the port of Piraeus in Athens, all Cycladic islands, the Dodecanese and Crete with ferries and high-speed catamarans. Especially during the peak season in the summer there are daily scheduled routes to and from the island. There are two ports in Milos, the main port in Adamas and another port in Apollonia which connects the island of Milos with the islands of Kimolos and Glaronissia.

Ferry Duration: Approximately 6:30-7 hours from and to the port of Piraeus

High-Speed  Duration: Approximately 3:30-4 hours from and to the port of Piraeus

Hellenic Seaways: For accurate timetable and ticket costs visit Hellenic Seaways website
Tel.: +30 210 4199000

Aegean Speed Lines: For accurate timetable and ticket costs visit Aegean Speed Lines website
Tel.: +30 210 9690950, 210 -4274009-010

Anek Lines: For accurate timetable and ticket costs visit Anek Lines website
Tel.: +30 210 4197470

Ventouris Sea Lines: For accurate timetable and ticket costs visit Ventouris Sea Lines website
Tel.: +30 210 4114911

By Air
Milos airport is situated approximately 5 km from the island’s main port in Adamas. Milos is connected with the International Airport of Athens Eleftherios Venizelos with scheduled flights all year round. The duration of the flight is approximately 30 minutes. There are also connections to other major cities and islands in Greece such as Thessaloniki, Santorini and Rhodes according to the time of the year. The national airport of Milos can easily be reached by bus or taxi from most parts of the island.
Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos:
Milos National Airport: Tel: +30 22870 22090, Email: [email protected]

Olympic Airways:
For accurate timetable and ticket costs visit Olympic Air website Athens Office: +30 210 355 0500, 8018010101
Milos Office Tel: +30 22870 22381

Local Transportation
The island of Milos has a good transportation infrastructure. Travelers can move around the island with the means of transportation that better suits their needs.

Taxis can easily be found all around the island of Milos but there are always taxis waiting at the port of Adamas and in Triovassalos. Taxi rates are fixed on a yearly basis but can also vary according to the season.
Taxi Service in Adamas: +30 22870 22219
Taxi Service in Triovassalos: +30 22870 21306

One can also discover the island of Milos in a more affordable way. The island has a very well organized network of buses with scheduled routes that vary from season to season. During the peak season there are frequent itineraries from Adamas to Triovassalos, Plaka, Tripiti, Pollonia, Philakopi, Zefiria, Paliochori, Hivadolimni and Provatas. Usually tourists will be able to find the bus schedules posted on each station. Ticket fares are really reasonable.  

Milos is an island with a great road network so travelers will feel very comfortable driving around the island. They can bring their own car or rent a car as soon as they arrive, provided that they possess all necessary documents, driver’s license, identification card etc.

On the island of Milos there are many secluded beaches waiting to be discovered. Visitors can enjoy boat excursions to Kleftiko, Paliorema, Gerakas, Gerontas as well as boat trips to the island of Kimolos. Travelers can arrange their excursions and buy their tickets from the travel agencies located near the port of Adamas.

Local Services

There are several Banks and ATMS on the island of Milos mostly found near the port of Adamas and Triovassalos.


  • ATE Bank in Adamas
  • National Bank of Greece in Triovassalos
  • Piraeus Bank in Karodromos
  • Pan-Cretan Cooperative Bank in Karodromos


  • 1 ATM of the National Bank of Greece in Adamas
  • 1 ATM of the National Bank of Greece in Triovassalos
  • 1 ATM of ATE bank in Adamas
  • 1 ATM of the Commercial Bank of Greece in Adamas
  • 1 ATM of the Commercial Bank of Greece in Triovassalos
  • 1 ATM of Eurobank in Adamas
  • 1 ATM of Piraeus Bank in Adamas

Travelers can exchange money at the airport, at some of the island’s major hotels, at travel agents, where the rates may be a little higher than the rates used by banks and are at all times posted outside their branch.

The Greek post office is called ELTA and you can find the main post offices of the island in Adamas where there is also a branch of the Hellenic Post Bank. Post Boxes in Greece are YELLOW for normal post, usually with 2 slots for INTERNAL POST (meaning inside Greece) and post for ABROAD. RED Post Boxes are rarer and they are used for URGENT mail. You shouldn’t expect to find such boxes in the island. REGISTERED mail is always handled and given a receipt for at the POST OFFICE.

Post Office in Plaka Tel.: +30 22870 21214
Post Office in Adamantas Tel: +30 22870 22288

There is a police station in Milos which is located in the island’s capital, Plaka.
Police Authority: Tel.: +30 22870 21378, 21204, Fax: +30 22870 21204

The Municipality of Milos is located in Plaka while the island’s tourist information desk is found near the port of Adamas.
Municipality of Milos
84800 Plaka, Milos, Cyclades, Greece
Tel.: +30 22870 21370, 21380
E-mail: [email protected]

Tourist Information Office of Milos
84800 Adamas, Milos, Cyclades, Greece
Tel: +30 22870 22445
E-mail: [email protected]

Useful Numbers
Health Center of Plaka: +30 22870 22700-2
Doctor’s Surgery in Adamas: +30 22870 21755
Town Hall in Plaka: +30 22870 21370, 21249
Community Center in Adamas: +30 22870 22130
Port Police: +30 22870 23360, 22100
Telephone Office in Plaka: +30 22870 21399, 21599
Police Station in Plaka: +30 22870 21204
Tourist Police in Plaka: +30 22870 21378
Radio Taxi Adamas: +30 22870 22219
Hellenic National Meteorological service: +30-210-9699101-3
Elpa (Car breakdown tourist information service): 174


An international and Greek press agency is located in Adamas. International newspapers and magazines can be purchased at the airport or at some newsstands throughout the island.


•    Police: 100
•    Fire Department: 199
•    Ambulance: 166

There is a health center in the settlement of Plaka which is open every day  on a 24 hr basis,. The health center consists in departments of Pathology, Dentistry, X-ray and Microbiology. During the summer months there is also a surgical and cardiological department available as well as pediatricians, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists and gynecologists coming from Athens.  There is also a doctor’s surgery in Adamas open Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 13:00 and Friday from 11:00 to 13:00, in Zefiria open only on Fridays from 11:00 to 13:00 and in Pollonia open only Wednesdays from 12:00-14:00.
Plaka Health Center Tel.: (+30) 22870 22700, 22870 22701, 22870 22702.

Pharmacies, dentists, private doctors and surgeons can be found in the towns of Plaka and Adamas. A vet is also available in Triovassalos. Ffor more information please call at: +30 22870 21230

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