Mykonian Delicacies
Mykonos island is known for its gourmet restaurants and hip dinner spots, as well as its picturesque little tavernas by the sea, where one can down a glass of ouzo accompanied by delicious “mezedes”. Rich in fresh fish, delicious seafood and excellent local meat, the traditional Mykonian cuisine is a mixture of Mediterranean flavors spiced up by some authentic island inspiration. Make sure you try as many of the local specialties as you can and make some room in your suitcase to take back home as well.

A very rich and delicious fish soup

Pites & keftedes (Pies and Balls)
  • Kremmidopita Homemade onion-pie with local cheese “tirovolia”
  • Xortopita Homemade wild-greens pie, often it also contains cheese.
  • Marathokeftedes Fried fennel balls
  • Kolokithokeftedes Fried zucchini balls

Achinoi (urchins)
Fresh urchins in oil and vinegar

A casserole dish with snails

Local smoked pork

A very refreshing non-alcoholic almond drink that is served cold.

Choirino me lachana
Pork stew with cabbage

Almond sweets covered in icing sugar, typical of Cyclades.

Tirovolia cheese
A very distinctive cheese with a lightly sour flavor.

A rare white and sour cheese

Kopanisti cheese
A creamy white cheese with an intense and spicy flavor, made out of goat’s and cow’s milk.

Delicious pork shoulder blade fillet, spiced up and seasoned with a mix of spices, pepper, oregano, and olives. It is put in piglet’s intestine and dried in open air for half a month. It is served in thin slices.

Homemade sausages, flavored with rich spices, herbs like oregano, peppers and olives, dried in the open air

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