Nutrition Products
Kalathotos cheese
Hard local cheese made of full-fat goat and sheep milk. It is ideally combined with red or white wine. Unfortunately, production at Patmos is barely enough for local use.

Thyme honey
Patmos is among the islands that are famous for this traditional Greek product, with its natural sweetness and a slight sense of burning at the throat due to thyme.

Mizithra made with goat cheese and sea water
This full-fat sour cheese matures in sea water and is often served while still hot. It has to be consumed within 4-5 days after production.

Utensils and Accessories
Throughout the centuries, jewelry has been among the main commercial activities of Patmos. The unique “karavela” of Patmos is a gold pectoral jewel representing a ship, decorated with pearls and colorful enamels. The new generation of Patmos jewelers consists of young people who have studied abroad and have returned to the island to continue this long tradition.

Ceramic jars
The art of creating pottery at Patmos goes back to the ancient years. Nowadays, there is a laboratory of pottery in the Saint Theologos Monastery, where visitors can buy jars and pots of various sizes and for various uses.

Patmos has been famous throughout centuries for its double faced linen embroideries with geometric shapes, that were also exported during the Byzantine and meta-Byzantine years. The local technique is based on a unique way of creating the embroidery called “spark”.

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