Scorpion fish "Bourdeto"
Onions are sautéed with olive oil in a big pot along with paprika and pepper. Tomato paste, garlic and water are added. After the sauce is ready the cleaned fish is put in the pot. Salt, pepper and water are added and the whole mixture is cooked for about 15 minutes. A very tasty and "spicy" dish with fish.

The fish is cleaned and salted and then floured and fried with olive oil in a pan. As soon as it is ready, it is removed and vinegar, sugar, sliced garlic, grounded rosemary, black raisins and water is added in its oil. The mixture is boiled until it thickens. The sauce is poured over the fish and the dish is served in a clay vase. Weird and tasty although not so healthy!

The lamp's liver is cut to pieces and sprinkled with salt and peppe in order to be sautéed with onion in olive oil. White wine, sweet red wine and water are added to boil with the mixture. In a separate casserole the rice is prepared. When the liver is ready the rice is added along with grounded graviera cheese, parsley and eggs.
Thin sheets of dough are spread to cover the bottom of the pan and are coated with butter. The mixture is then added and covered again with sheets of dough. The pie is cut to proportions and baked in the oven.

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