Local Products
The region of Pelion is blessed with a very fertile soil therefore it's known for its exquisite fruits and vegetables, exceptional honey and countless natural herbs.

Fruits & Vegetables
  • Apples from Zagora, considered to be some of the most delicious apples in all of Greece
  • Walnuts and chestnuts of excellent taste and quality from the regional valleys of walnut and chestnut trees
  • Olive oil and edible olives from the numerous olive trees grown in the area
  • Firikia, small apples from Pelion with an exceptional taste
  • Medlar fruit from the Medlars which are ornamental flowering trees with pretty blossoms and edible fruits
  • "Samboukos" bourtree fruit that are made into a famous local sweet preserve
  • The lotus fruit which can be used for d├ęcor, its seeds for cooking and flowers that can be used for scenting or turned into honey, into therapeutic syrup and herbal tea

Homemade sweets & preserves from fruits and vegetables
  • Homemade jams made from all kinds of local fruit as well as vegetables
  • Sweet preserved chestnut made from local chestnuts
  • Tsitsiravla pickle: It is a pickle treat made from the tender sprouts of the wild pistachio trees grown in the area

Alcoholic beverages
  • The local strawberry grapes and the homonymous wine
  • Tsipouro, a strong alcoholic drink made from the distillation of grapes

Natural Herbs, tea and honey
  • The local honey made from chestnut flowers
  • Curative natural herbs such as valerian, absinthe, lemongrass, Melissa and other herbs counting of about 70% of the world's overall herbs as well as scented teas and chamomile

Hygiene & Body care products
  • Olive soap made specifically by olive oil from the Pelion region
  • Body and face creams from natural local herbs

Various products
Pelion has a tradition in the manufacturing of homemade pasta such as noodles and frumenty.

Meat Specialties
The traditional local sausage made either by goat, lamb or pork meat.

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