These are delicious candies made of almond, rose water and sugar/caster sugar. They have a long tradition in Poros and visitors should definitely taste them and take some home with them, as they do not need to be preserved in a refrigerator.

Olive oil
On the island of Poros an extra virgin olive oil of high quality is produced, which visitors can taste while eating in local taverns and restaurants. Its fine texture and unique taste make it stand out among other Greek olive oils while its nutritional value is very high.

Organic cosmetics based on olive oil
Poros is a paradise for those looking for organic cosmetics made of biologic natural products like olive oil and local herbs. Those cosmetic products made in Poros include soap bars and liquid soaps, hand creams, moisturizers, beauty masks, shampoos, hair conditioners, anti-aging facial creams and sun protection/after sun products.

Essential oils
Nature has been very generous with Poros and a plethora of herbs and aromatic plants can be found on the island, used in the production of different kinds of essential oils. Local producers have specialized in the “art” of aromatherapy and their products are exported all over the world and sold in hotels and hair salons, as well as consumer outlets.

The traditional way of producing fabrics and linen is maintained on the island of Poros. Visitors may find wonderful, high quality towels, tablecloths, sheets and pillow cases, curtains, etc., with beautiful designs and may even request a specific design which will be crafted especially for them.

Citrus trees and fruit
The majority of trees in Poros are either pine trees or citrus trees. The island is famous for its lemons, oranges and mandarins, whereas the Poros’ clementines are famous for their unique aroma. This fruit are also used in the production of liqueurs, which are certainly worth buying.

Wine on Poros is mainly produced in the area of Fousa and it is called “Fousaitiko”. This is a red wine with a strong and sweet taste. Local production is not enough in order to easily find this wonderful wine, so the lucky ones that will stumble upon it should definitely try it.

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