Rethymno Cycladia Tips

Useful Tips for a Pleasant Stay
Sun block and sunglasses are essential for a pleasant and safe tour within the prefecture of Rethymno. Even in winter months the sun is shining bright as almos like it does in summertime!

Cretan Hospitality Tips

Cretans are well known for their hospitality. If you are in a place where locals invite you for a raki drink, do not reject it! They take it very personal and it is a kind of an insult for them if you say “no thanks”! You should just say cheers and smile.

Also, do not hesitate to ask if in doubt for anything. The locals are used to living with foreign travelers for more than eight months of the year, most of them speak at least English and they are very happy to help and maybe chat with you. 

Local Events Agenda
Ask for local events where you can participate during your stay in Rethymno instead of attending the classic ‘’Greek nights’’ in hotels. Either a Feast, an exhibition, a concert, there is always something going on throughout the entire summer in this charming city!

Rethymno Explorations
Do not stay within the borders of Rethymno Town! Rent a car or motorbike and escape to its unique beaches on the southern part, have a tour through its traditional villages and admire its varying landscapes and beautiful sceneries.

Asiderota Mountain
For an unforgettable driving route visit the villages that surround the mountain Asiderota where the impressive greenish rocks, saturated from the saltiness of the Libyan sea, will entice your senses and leave their mark in your memory.

Touring in Preveli

Do not leave out of your tour agenda Preveli Palm Grove and beach. Once you are there, enter the path into Kourtaliotis gorge mouth and in a few minutes you will feel like being in an exotic site. Keep walking in the heart of the forest and do not stop when the itinerary becomes rough. It is really worth the trouble and climbing some small rocks will lead you to small lakes of crystal clear water in a quiet and refreshing ambience.

And, of course, do not hesitate to swim in any of these small lakes. If you go early in the summer season (till the beginning of June), you might be lucky enough to see small waterfalls formed by winter’s waters coming down from the mountain.  

The best snorkeling
Without a doubt, the best snorkeling will be experienced on the south coast, at Plakias and Schinaria. Forget about the north coast, unless you want to see sand! Any inlet of the coast with a rocky sunbed will most probably offer you a colourful palette of small fish. Remember, though, that south blowing winds affect greatly the beach of Plakias and swimming can be a very difficult task!

Unique romantic dinner in Rethymno
A genuine romantic dinner in Rethymno is a very simple case: a takeaway souvlaki and some local wine right at the lighthouse of the port promise to give you a panoramic view of the illuminated Rethymno right before your eyes. Be sure you won’t be alone!

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