Samos Events

Events in Samos
There are several events organized in Samos every year especially in summer. Events cover a wide spectrum of interest, including events related to agriculture, cultural events and religious feasts. In general, visitors of Samos during the summer have the opportunity to attend and participate in many events. Relevant information is available via the municipality of Samos.

During the Carnival period many festivities are organized in Karlovasi and in the surrounding villages when the locals wear costumes and walk around the area. There is the custom of “Kadis” which satirizes the Turkish judges and the custom of “fratzolia” (the word comes from “fratza” that means decoration) where participants wear anything they find and end up looking ugly and funny. On the last day of the carnival period there is a big parade with thematic carnival floats.

Orange Festival
In mid-March local producers organize the Orange Festival which is held at the village of Myloi (close to Ireon). The festival includes free fresh orange juice, jams and candies made of orange. There is also a small outdoor market where visitors can buy oranges and tangerines at half price, but also other products like jam, honey, olive oil and hand-made jewels. This event is held at the village’s primary school’ yard with the participation of students!

Ireon Music festival
During the summer, there are quite a few events, some of which are regular, like the Ireon Music Festival that is held on 7, 8 and 9 August at Ireo beach. The festival started in 2004 and many famous rock and reggae musicians and groups have participated so far. This is actually an amazing event with live music on the beach…a genuine beach party!

Karlovasia Festival
Another regular summer event is Karlovasia. It is a three-month festival, lasting all summer long, and it includes concerts, traditional festivities with live music, theatre plays, folk dancing by groups from several parts of Greece and sports’ events. The events are held in Karlovasi and in villages/areas nearby.

Religious Celebrations
As in every Greek island, religious feasts are quite important and very joyful. The most interesting among them are the feast of Agia Paraskevi held on July 26 and the feast in honour of the Assumption of Virgin Mary held on August 15 in Hora, the feast of Agia Marina in Vourliotes on July 17 and the feast in honour of the Birth of Virgin Mary held at the amazing Monastery of Panagia Vrondiani.

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