Products of Samos
Samos was renowned from the Ancient Times for its wine and for certain other products, which were even then exported in Asia, various places of Greece and Egypt. The most famous Samos’ products you should definitely try and take home with you follow.

This excellent quality wine, called “Samos”, is exported all over the world and it is highly appreciated even in France. Demand for the Samos wine is increasing, but unfortunately the quantity of local production is restricted. Visitors should absolutely take a bottle of “Samos” with them.

More than 13.000 hives exist in the forests and plains of Samos producing more than 85.000 kilos of excellent quality honey. Great taste and high nutritional value in a jar!

Ouzo and raki
Going back to 1910, when a woman established the first ouzo distillery in Samos, the production of ouzo on the island is still important while it is still perfomed by using the traditional techniques. Compared to the ouzo of other places, the ouzo of Samos has a lighter and finer taste. Another similar product is souma, which is a type of raki that can be found on the Aegean Islands. Do not drink too much though because dizziness is sure to come!

Samos has a long tradition in dairy products and visitors should taste the local myzithra and anthotyro (cream cheese). However, the most renowned, exceptional cheese of Samos is called “armogalo” which is made of fresh goat and cow milk and it has an amazing taste.

Olive and olive oils (hamades)
On Samos great quality olive oil and olives are produced. The most renowned olives of the island are called “hamades” (“hamo” means down on the floor), because they are gathered from the ground once they fall off the trees and consumed right away without any processing. They are hard to find and have a soft sweet taste. Find them and try them!

Local herbs
Samos is the paradise of herbs and, as such, the perfect place to buy oregano, fresh mint, basil, laurel, lavender, and many more. They add exceptional aromas in most dishes.

Ceramic pots
The art of pottery in Samos goes back to antiquity. Ceramic objects are produced today in laboratories using traditional techniques. This is a great chance to buy a decorative object or a useful utensil. 

Citrus trees and fruit
Samos is renowned for its citrus tree and especially for its oranges with a fine aroma. Oranges, lemons, tangerines, etc., are incredibly juicy and they are tasteful either fresh or in jams.

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