Santorini wines

Santorini Island has a rich tradition of wine production that dates back to Ancient times. You will be amazed to discover how a journey in the magical Island of Santorini is also an exclusive wine-tasting experience for wine lovers and connoisseurs, since the Island’s vineyards are recognized all over the world for their particular grape varieties’ flavor deriving from the rich volcanic soil and microclimate.

Get ready to be initiated, through organized visits in Santorini wineries and wine tastings in gourmet restaurants, to the secrets of the Island’s traditional wine culture and taste the famous local grapes varieties such as Assyrtikos, Aidani, Athiri, Nychteri, etc.

Find your Wine (by appointment only)
  • Gavalas Vineyard, Megalohori, tel: 22860-82552
  • Gaia Winemakers, Exo Gonia-Santorini, tel: 210-8055642/3.
  • Canava Roussos, Mesa Gonia, Episkopi Santorini, tel: 22860-31349
  • Antoniou Winery, Megalohori, Santorini, tel: 22860-23557.
  • Santo Wines, Pyrgos, tel: 22860-22596, 25218
  •  Ktima Argyros, Episkopi-Gonia, tel: 22860-31489.
  • Ktima Sigala, Baxedes, tel: 22860-71644
  • Boutari Winery, Santorini, tel: 22860-81011
  • Hatzidakis Winery, Pyrgos Kallistis. tel 22860-32552, 32466, 6973-989158.

Santorini Local Products & Specialities
Santorini’s local products are worldwide famous for their intense and characteristic flavor coming from the Island’s particular ecosystem and rich soil, created from volcanic explosions. The volcanic ashes which made the soil porous, humid and very fertile bring a unique flavor to the local products which stand out for their excellent quality.

Fava dip
The Fava dip of Santorini is an exquisite Santorinian specialty prepared with a different variety of local fava bean forming a smooth paste of boiled fava lentils with onion and olive oil.

White eggplant
The white eggplant, called lefki melitzana, is a rare local Santorinian product with a unique sweet taste. Juicy and simply delicious, the white eggplant does not absorb oil and makes a delicious melitzanosalata, a white eggplant dip.

Capers, handpicked from the wild since they grow in the steep Cliffside of the Caldera, are extensively used in Santorini local cuisine, giving a particular flavor to salads and sauces.

Meletinia are small pies, like cupcakes, made of hand-made pastry filled with the creamy cheese called mizythra. They are usually prepared during Easter, but you can find them in several places on the Island.

Santorinian cherry tomato
The Santorinian cherry tomato appears as the most famous local product in Santorini. Delicious, juicy and aromatic, its unique taste will captivate you

Tomatokeftedes (Tomato balls)
Tomatokeftedes or tomato rissoles are tomato balls, made with the delicious local tomatoes and are usually served as a started; order them with tzatziki, you will be delighted!

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