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Skiathos History
Skiathos was inhabited even from the prehistoric ages. The Pelasgians were the first inhabitants, followed by the Cretans. During the 7th century BC, the island was inhabited by the Chalkideis, who built their settlement on the southeastern part of the island, on a hill, so they could have two ports. This same town was still inhabited during the Classical, Byzantine and Hellenistic eras.  

Skiathos gravely suffered from pirates’ attacks during the Byzantine era, but also during the Venetian and the Ottoman occupation, which started in 1538. Skiathos’ history is linked to the infamous pirate Barbarossa, who was the mastermind behind the Ottoman fleet. The pirate -after a siege that lasted for 6 days- took over and looted the island. 

On September of 1807 the first Greek flag, with the blue background and the white cross in the middle, was weaved in the Monastery of Virgin Mary’s Annunciation. This monastery was also operating as a hospital during the Greek Revolution of 1821. Skiathos became free in 1830, with the rest of Greece.  

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