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General Info
The climate in Skiathos is typically Mediterranean, with long sunny summers and mild winters. During the summer months the weather is mostly bright, clear and dry, with temperatures that do not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. The cooling breezes can be quite strong, especially along the coastline. Autumn and spring are similar, with temperatures that vary between 18 and 24 degrees. The heavy winter rainfalls help to maintain the island’s lush vegetation throughout the year. 

National prefix for Greece is +30 if you are calling from abroad. Area Code for Skiathos is 24270 and the local phone numbers have 5 digits. If you wish to call abroad, you have to start by dialing the other country’s national prefix (i.e. Germany is 0049, England is 0044 etc.) and then continue with the desired area code and number.  

Euro € 
Euro Coins: 1 and 2 euro coins (golden and silver color) 10, 20 and 50 cents (golden color) 1, 2 and 5 cents (copper color) 1 euro = 100 cents
Euro Bank Notes: come in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. It is not always easy to receive change from 200 and 500 euro notes.

Getting There
By ferry boat
Skiathos is connected by ferry boat with Volos (321 km from Athens), Agios Konstantinos (165 km from Athens) and Thessaloniki. However, during the summer months it’s also interconnected with the islands of Alonnisos and Skopelos (Sporades), as well as with Syros, Santorini, Paros, Naxos and Tinos (Cyclades) and Heraklion (Crete).Β) By flying dolphins

Skiathos is connected by flying dolphins (passengers only) with Volos (in 1 hour and 45 minutes), Agios Konstantinos (in about an hour and a half), Thessaloniki, Trikeron Island, Alonissos, Skopelos and Pelion.

Hellenic Seaways: For accurate timetables and ticket costs, please visit Hellenic Seaways’ website:

There are daily flights between Athens International Airport and the island of Skiathos (Olympic Airlines During the summer months there are also numerous charter flights from many European cities, like Amsterdam, Vienna, Milan, Berlin, Zurich, Oslo, Munich, Stockholm, Frankfurt etc.

Olympic Air: For accurate timetables and ticket costs, please visit Olympic Airlines’ website:  

Local Trasportation
By Bus
The local transportation is reliable and frequent. The buses have three routes. The basic route, which is also the most popular one, connects the town of Skiathos with the famous beach of Koukounaries, which is about 14 km away, with 24 stops in between. These stops also include other nice beaches, like Megali Ammos, Vromolimnos, Agia Paraskevi and Troulos, all in the same direction. The second route starts from Skiathos Town and ends up in the village Xamenos, on the northeast, and the third connects Skiathos Town with the Monastery of Virgin Mary, on the northern side of the island. The tickets costs less than 2 euro.

By Taxi
The main piazza is located 50 meters from the port and operates 24 hours a day. You can call for a cab or even hail for one when you find it on the road. 

Indicatively, the route Skiathos-Monastery costs about 7€, Skiathos-Vromolimnos costs about €10 and Skiathos-Koukounaries costs about 16€. 

Tel.: +30 24270 24461
By Caique
Caique is a small, passengers-only boat, which in the past was exclusively used for fishing and commercial transportation of goods. Today, the locals use their caiques to tour the island or access isolated beaches and uninhabited islands. 
Take a caique from the main port and visit the famous beaches of Lalaria (accessible only by boat), Aselimnos, Kastro, Achladies and Vromolimnos, or even the nearby islands of Skopelos and Alonissos (leaving from Skiathos Town at 09:30am and coming back in the evening around 17:00). Check on the weather conditions before you do so. 

By Car
The road network of the island is pretty descent. However, if you are planning on exploring its northern part, consider a 4x4. The terrain is rocky and there are many dirt roads. The landscape in the rest of the island is much flatter.

Local Services
There are 5 major bank branches in Skiathos: National Bank of Greece, Eurobank, Emporiki Bank, Piraeus Bank and Alpha Bank. You can exchange, deposit, collect or wire transfer money at any one of them. There are ATMs throughout the island, which operate 24/7. In order to get money from a debit card, you need to find out if this card is participating in the MAESTRO network.
Banks’ operating hours: 
Monday to Thursday: 8.00 - 14.30 and Friday: 8.00 - 14.00 

You can exchange money, travelers’ cheques or Eurocheques at any of the banks of the island. Avoid exchanging money at a hotel, because they usually charge a higher commission.    
The Greek post is called ELTA. The main post office is located in Skiathos town, but there are post boxes all around the biggest villages of the island. Post Boxes in Greece are Yellow. If you wish to send registered mail, you need to visit the PO and don’t forget to collect your receipt.

Post office: +30 24270 22011

Do not hesitate to call the Police in case of an accident or a criminal act. If you have a problem with your hotel you can contact the Tourism Police. During the summer months, there are police patrols throughout the day.

Police: +30 24270 22240
Tourism police: +30 24270 23172

Tel.: +30 24270 22240

Useful Numbers
  • Skiathos port authority: 24270 22017
  • Volos port authority: 24210 76710
  • Agios Konstantinos port authority: 22350 31759
  • Prefecture of Magnisia: 24210 75526
  • Hoteliers Association: 24210 23375
  • Town Hall: 24270 22022
  • Olympic Airlines Skiathos: 24270 22200
You can find International Press –magazines and newspapers- in the main distribution center in Skiathos Town. However various kiosks, as well as big hotels, around the island and especially in popular seaside towns sell international press.  

  • Police: 100 
  • Fire Department: 199 & 24270 21199
  • Ambulance: 166
Skiathos Medical Centre
Acropolis Area, Skiathos Town
Tel: +30 24270 22222

You will definitely find quite a few pharmacies in Skiathos Town, but also in some of the islands biggest villages and settlements.
Find below an indicative list with pharmacists.

Panagiotopoulos Konstantinos
Glyfoneri, Skiathos
Tel: +30 24270 22242 

Annis Nikolaos
19 Antipliarxou Laskou Str, Skiathos
Tel: +30 24270 24090.

Frangou Zoi & SIA OE
18 Papadiamanti Str., Skiathos
Tel: +30 24270 22021

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